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mission: engage.

Your consumers demand richer experiences. 75% of all mobile app engagements are gaming, social or entertainment, so if you’re not connecting with your consumers through these channels, you’re missing out. Gaming can be used to deliver promotional campaigns, drive in-app purchases, integrate with social and give your loyal customers new ways to engage with your brand. By leveraging your social audience, we can deliver your brand to an existing network of gamers.

expert solution


Thruster is Bottle Rocket’s gaming division focused on fun, user-centered experiences.

At the core, we are mobile gamers ourselves. We know what users want from the experience and what fuels the next generation of social gamers. We work closely with our clients to define their audience, set the strategy and design a highly engaging, social game that becomes a new extension of the brand. We’re always playing with new ways to create a compelling experience that builds brand loyalty and increases revenue for our clients.

Mobile Video Gaming with Annoying Orange


We work with you to define a game mechanic and style that will engage, retain and delight your players.

Business Strategy

We can design a variety of different engagement & monetization strategies from F2P to premium to make sure you approach the market with maximum ROI potential.

Content Strategy

We can leverage your existing brand IP or create a completely new world and characters that brings your strategy to life.


With the strategy and content defined, we go into full production to bring the game to life!

3D Modeling & Animation

We have many years of AAA and console 3D modeling and animation to create the highest quality content for mobile platforms and beyond.

Analytics & Insight

Games are a living, breathing entity. You must measure, plan and tweak your game balance and content continually. Our analytics experts know what to measure and what to ask for this critical task.

Integration Experience

We build off our proven Propulsion engine, which leverages many of the popular gamification, social and multiplayer frameworks. Bringing your game to the masses is our expertise!

The power to get your game off the ground.

Our Propulsionplatform makes it easy for us to publish and maintain our games far beyond initial launch. From idea to sketch, to the screens of your loyal users, our experts will guide you through the process and handle all the details in between. The portfolio of Thruster games published on Propulsion has resulted in tens of millions of game plays and hundreds of years of time spent in the apps. Partner with us, and let Thruster take your brand higher, farther, faster.

Quick Stats

  • Over 100 million sessions
  • Average session time of 5.5 minutes (industry average is 1.1 minutes)
  • 935 years of time spent in our games
  • Games in Top 5 free and paid downloads
  • Games average 4.3/5 stars across iOS and Android
Mobile Gaming on an iPhone

Seriously fun.

More than just fun, games have unlimited potential for interactive learning. More and more companies are using games at the enterprise level to train and educate staff, build culture and expand their overall brand to reach new customers. Gamification has become an invaluable tool that ultimately saves companies time and money, all the while increasing the performance of their employees.