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Get more from your content. By opening a new distribution channel through mobile video delivery, you engage your audience and open new opportunities to seize revenue through advertising and commerce. Our video delivery technology boosts engagement through lower-thirds advertising, second screen and concurrent media to drive tune-in and create a more interactive experience for your viewers.

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AWE is our powerful app platform for branded video delivery and engagement on mobile.

Our fully customizable interface has been proven to work for major national and international networks by giving them a better way to get more from their programming. Analytics, advertising, authentication and editorial control are all integrated into the AWE system enabling faster, easier delivery to over a billion new devices.

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We'll customize the look of AWE to match your brand. Don't see a feature you want? No problem. We can add features to fit your needs.


Whether you're using TV Everywhere or another method, AWE is capable of handling any authentication system - or none at all.


As your business needs grow AWE grows with them. Whether it's new content, new trends or new ideas, AWE can scale to match your needs.

Second Screen

We work closely with companies like Umami, WatchWith, Zeitera and more to ensure AWE supports the latest in Second Screen technology and trends.

Social Media

AWE can tie into your existing social media strategy or simply allow users to share through popular channels.


AWE seamlessly integrates with UrbanAirship so you can maximize user notifications.


The Watchlist automatically tracks the watch history and lets users save individual episodes or full seasons for future viewing.


AWE has a built-in schedule that automatically detects the time zone of the user and supports an unlimited number of weeks.

Enhanced Playback

AWE contains a custom best-in-class video player packed with enhancements to maximize enjoyment of the video watching experience.

Editorial Control

AWE Traffic Control (ATC) enables editorial management of content promotion and programming as well as app configuration and layout.

Multiple Platforms

AWE is currently available on the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Roadmap video delivery platforms include game consoles, set-top-boxes, connected TVs and video streaming devices.


AWE currently supports several analytics platforms such as Flurry, Localytics, Omniture, Bango and Google Analytics but can be customized to support others.


AWE currently supports DoubleClick, AdMob, Medialets, AdMarvel, MoPub, iAd and Freewheel but can be customized to support others.

Programmed to optimize your programming.

The AWE platform offers best-in-class content with fully scalable and customizable features for a watching experience that’s truly unique to your brand. Simply put, it’s an efficient, all-inclusive TV Everywhere solution built on a solid foundation of integration partners. Over 25 major cable and broadcast network apps have launched with AWE, and it’s our dedication to serving their viewers that keeps us at the forefront of the TV Everywhere experience.

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integration Partners

AWE is pre-integrated with the following companies to leverage the strength of their solutions and enhance the power of our platform.

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google analytics supported with AWE
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