Annoying Orange


HEY! HEY! This is my official iPhone game! Are you excited?! Fling characters like Cantaloupe, Banana and “Painapple” to a gruesome deaths while you rack up points and bonus time in your quest to become the best Fruitslinger in the Kitchen! Oh yeah, and one more thing! KNIFE! HAHAHAHA!

He’s cute. He’s Annoying. He’s an Orange! To some, he’s the king of comedy, the prince of puns, the earl of irritation! And to others, he’s just a royal pain in the butt. Call him what you like, just don’t call him an apple! He hates that!

Try Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage on iOS and Android

Taste the Carnage with Fruit Blending Action!

Annoying Orange Features

  • Fast-paced fruit-slinging arcade action in a beautifully rendered 3D kitchen!
  • A flick of the finger sends Apple, Banana, Cantaloupe and more to juice spraying deaths.
  • Collect big points with bonus multipliers on blenders, cutting boards and the almighty “Vent Hood of Death”!
  • Earn bonus time from Orange’s entourage hiding in the cabinets (shake device when the cabinets knock).
  • Claim your spot at the top of the fruit salad with Gamecenter (over 20 achievements and 3 global leaderboards).
  • Over 40 unique voice clips and animations from your favorite series characters!
  • New updates with horrible deaths planned!
  • Knife!

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