Voxie Pro Recorder


Voxie works on all iPhone and iPod Touch models.

Voxie is far more than you’d expect from a voice recorder. It is the most comprehensive audio recording, note taking, dictation and group-messaging app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Designed to be easy to use, visually compelling and loaded with features, Voxie is simply the only recorder you’ll ever need.


  • Professional transcription services available including legal – transcribe your voice notes to yourself, a contact or any number of friends
  • Wi-Fi Sync easily copies files to your computer
  • Send to yourself, a friend or an entire group
  • Navigate through recordings visually with our touchable waveform view
  • Four audio quality settings available including high-level CD quality
  • Unrestricted file size (based on hard drive space)
  • Unlimited customizable categories
  • Status settings allow to use Voxie as an audio to-do list
  • Express mode for no-touch, shake recording and sending
  • Friends list management for sending quick notes to friends, family or co-workers
  • Wallpapers selections for a distinct, customized look
  • Listen to recordings from your computer using Sync
  • The most intuitive and elegant user-interface of any recording app on the market



Voxie Recording syncs to your computer

Voxie’s robust features make it versatile and suited for anyone to use in numerous practical and creative ways. Keep it handy to record spontaneous ideas, business meetings, lectures, speeches, debates, field notes, medical dictation, legal briefings, sermons, music, voice memos, digital greetings, directions, ambient noise or any other sounds that you want to capture. Unrestricted recording size allows interviewers or lecturers to record lengthy conversations and speeches.

Group messaging makes it perfect for students and professors to share with multiple recipients quickly. Moms on the go and busy professionals benefit from the simple one touch/shake Express mode while music aficionados will appreciate the selection of audio qualities. Whoever you are, where ever you are, Voxie has the features to facilitate your important tasks.

More Reviews:

“Every once in a while you run into an application on the iPhone that appears to have been designed by Apple themselves and included with the OS.”- 5 Stars by 148apps.com

Rated “BEST” by AppReview.com

“Seriously, this app is that good… it’s like Bottle Rocket saw a market for voice-recording apps, decided they wanted to be King, and they reached out with two hands and seized the kingship by the nads.”- 4 stars by iPhoneAppReviews.net

“What’s different about Voxie Pro Recorder & Dictation, Bottle Rocket’s app is that it has all the features of the others rolled into one with I think a few extras mashed in.”- 8 out of 10 by AppCraver.com

“Fantastic! What a load off my shoulders!”- Keith, doctor & transcription customer

4.5 stars by Apptism.com

“Voxie is a very nice, smooth voice recording application. With clean design and options for recording qualities from 8kHz to 44kHz this app is worth the price.”- AppleiPhoneSchool.com

“We are often asked to recommend a good voice recording app. After testing the top two apps available on the app store, iTalk Recorder Premium and Voxie, we think that Voxie takes the cake!”- TouchMic.com

“For me, the sound quality recorded in the samples was excellent. – UnexpectedIdea.com”


Voxie Icon

Voxie Features

  • Most Feature of ANY Recorder
  • Email Share
  • Group Share
  • Transcribe & Email*
  • Transcribe & SMS*
  • Transcribe & Tweet*
  • Wi-Fi Synchronization
  • Intuitive & Adaptive Interface
  • Professional Audio Quality
  • Excellent Support
  • * Free trial included

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