Recently, our Founder and CEO Calvin Carter appeared on the PlayMakers Talk Show. During the interview, Steve A Klein interviewed Carter about Bottle Rocket’s culture and what he is passionate about. These values reflect every Rocketeer that joins us in pioneering the future.


Focus on your one thing

"The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing." — Donald P. Coduto

(Now say that five times fast.)

This tongue twister ignites Bottle Rocket’s purpose in our daily routines. Carter believes that it keeps an individual on track and reminds them of their reason for doing anything from following a career path to starting a small business.

Carter suggests to pick one thing you want to be good at and always walk towards it in everything you do. When you focus on minor things versus one major thing, people tend to get distracted and lose track of their goals. In the example of a small business, sales opportunities may arise that go against your main objectives. Concentrate on recruiting employees and clients that mesh well with your values instead of molding your beliefs to someone else’s standards.

In short, communicate what your vision is and stick to it.


Same desks, same computers – we’re all equal

At Bottle Rocket, we concentrate on bringing groups and projects together. Instead of separating groups and placing them in different corners of the building, we place teams together in an environment where they can communicate with each other and thrive at what they’re working on.

On top of that, there are no offices. Everyone owns the same desks and computer – even Carter himself. This allows Rocketeers to focus on what they’re doing, connect with others, communicate better and build better products.

As Carter states: “When you don’t have a door, you don’t need an open door policy.”


Lean communication and lo-fi approach

If you ever visit our office, the first thing you’ll notice about our walls is the abundance of doodles and app sketches that cover them. Instead of putting ideas in a private space like a computer, Rocketeers place their designs on a giant collaborative whiteboard that opens that design up to debate, challenge, and growth.

We believe in a lo-fi approach to our projects. Even high fidelity executions begin with pen and paper or dry erase markers. When you start with low fidelity ideation, you’re more willing to scrap an idea because you spent less time developing it. This allows us to move faster, iterate much quicker and eventually build an excellent product for our clients.

Bottle Rocket attracts a lot of creative people. Everyone from our developers to our strategists are here to make and create something. No matter what their title says, the core of every Rocketeer is that they are builders. This creates a sense of trust and respect and allows us to make right choices and move forward with great ideas.

If these explanations and working for a top places to work company interest you, maybe you should work for us. We’re excited to meet other passionate people that want to do the best work of their lives as well as build amazing things with amazing people.