Bottle Rocket Presents, After the Glass Breaks with David Harrison

The phrase “glass ceiling” certainly isn’t a new one. Nor are any of the discriminatory barriers to advancement that unfortunately exist in our workplace today.

Each and every day, people from all walks of life are overcoming the odds to break through. Each person’s journey to success is unique as are the challenges and obstacles that they face on the way. But what happens after the glass breaks? How do we turn our obstructions into victories and our challenges into triumphs?



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“Reflections of the past are shadows that hover over our future selves. Reflections without learnings are dangerous, they will keep you from moving forward. This is a time to learn from these reflections so we don’t live in dark spaces.”



The After the Glass Breaks podcast will explore the varying paths of 10 culturally diverse leaders and their vision for what comes next. Come hear their stories and be inspired to keep pushing forward in your own journey. Throughout the limited edition 10-episode series, David will welcome a culturally-diverse audience of technology leaders to engage in open and honest discussion about the success, challenges, and struggles associated with climbing the corporate ladder in America. 

Through an intimate one-on-one fireside chat format, we will chronicle various paths that these leaders have taken to get where they are today and reveal what truly exists after the glass breaks.




Funnest girl dad, husband, Vice President of Technology and the best dang grill master this side of the Mississippi (if I don’t say so myself)…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a curiosity about “how things work” and the science behind it. This curiosity led me to pursue a career in technology and engineering. For the past 20 years, I have continued my lifelong passion for discovery, exploring endless possibilities in the world of technology, wireless, wireline, TV and Media, IP, AI and IT. To me, there’s nothing more exciting or satisfying than witnessing an “a-ha moment” transformed into a living, working thing. 

I am equally as passionate about helping others and giving a voice to those with interesting stories to tell. I have been personally and professionally influenced by many I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with and am excited to share my stories and those of some truly amazing colleagues, acquaintances, and friends. My wife and I reside in Dallas and are blessed with two wonderful daughters, one of which is following in my footsteps pursuing her degree in Electrical Engineering. I am a forever “Girl Dad” except when i’m behind grill pursuing my other passion: perfecting the delicious art of all things BBQ.

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We believe diversity can be a company’s strongest competitive advantage.

Although we certainly have a long way to go, we are committed to fighting racial injustice and making the world a more equal place for all. We hope this initiative brings a voice to those that work each and every day to overcome the challenges that plague our world. And we also hope that it demonstrates our dedication to change and that we are committed to working hard to do our part. Check our our Diversity & Inclusion report to learn more about Bottle Rocket’s efforts.

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