Droidcon is the largest global network of developer conferences which bring together the industry's foremost experts dedicated to advancing the Android platform. Droidcon engages a global network of over 25,000 developers attending our events in 22 cities.  Droidcon is the place to meet the international Android community, learn from expert speakers and dive into the latest Android advances and explore cutting-edge technologies.

This year, one of our own will make his way to San Francisco to present at Droidcon SF. Chris Koeberle will share his experience in building teams that not only get work done but support each other throughout their projects in a session titled "Building Effective Teams of Competent, Friendly People."

Building Effective Teams of Competent, Friendly People

I have spent 7 years leading teams of 3-7 developers who build complex apps quickly and with a high level of quality while working 40 hour weeks. Let's talk about:

  • How to take a group of competent, friendly people and turn them into an effective team.
  • What to do if you suspect that you have people who are not competent or friendly.
  • How one experienced engineer can use a team of adventurous developers to create a broad safety net that gives everyone the feeling of safety they need to improve themselves as they develop a product.
  • The sort of support that is needed from other disciplines, and how to give them the tools they need to give you that support.
    Some colossal failures, and how we recovered from them.
  • How to structure an Android app to get a bunch of people working on it all at once.