who said the sky is the limit?

Rocketeer group working

We are not a development shop, and we’re not a creative agency.

We’re a highly specialized, multi-disciplinary team that guides our client from the initial idea stage through strategy, creative, development, testing, release and ongoing maintenance and support. We are experts in mobile trends, gaming, TV everywhere, second screen experiences, publishing, and mCommerce. We are pilots of the future, and together with our clients, we embrace the impossible and build beautiful mobile experiences always with the user in mind.

from day one, Bottle Rocket has believed in the power of technology and the influence it has on our daily lives.

our history

In 2008, Steve Jobs announced the App Store was opening to third-party developers and the mobile app industry was born. The next day, Calvin Carter founded Bottle Rocket and started crafting custom apps. At a time when there were no existing business models for the mobile industry and no best practices to learn from, he was set on being first to the game – exploring the unknown with a vision of how the mobile lifestyle would transform the way users experience a brand. It was, and still is, passion that keeps Bottle Rocket delivering nothing but the best experience for clients, partners and users across the globe.

Our unmatched experience and strategic, brand-focused approach keep us on our toes, always looking ahead to build innovative experiences that elevate the mobile lifestyle. To date, we’ve launched over 150 iOS and Android apps and won a number of awards including an unprecedented four Apple Hall of Fame awards.

our process

we've got it down to a science.


Our iterative lo-fi to hi-fi approach starts on whiteboards and moves the best ideas into design and development quickly and efficiently. Small, dedicated teams follow a lean UX process that creates more time to prototype, build, and test our apps. But we don’t do this on our own. We work closely with our clients, educating them every step of the way to ensure the best possible user experience.