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Apple’s interest in developing original programming has content creators thinking about their presence on Apple TV more seriously. With 21.3 million users already along for the ride on Apple TV, trends show internet-connected streaming devices continue to overtake viewing habits we once knew—streaming device use has grown almost 54% since 2016. As the streaming device from one of the most important brands in technology, Apple TV maintains a strong presence in viewers homes. Using AWE, you can deliver your content to viewers with an Apple TV app that looks custom, performs smoothly, and is hassle free.

Apps Built for Apple TV

Developing and testing Apple TV apps usually takes time, but Bottle Rocket’s AWE platform gets your video to viewers faster, all with features and an appearance other out-of-the-box solutions lack.

We build Apple TV apps natively in tvOS language to ensure stability, and our long list of integration partners support ads, analytics, authentication, and much more. Utilize built-in broadcast scheduling, connect social media accounts, provide watchlists for viewers—everything you need to deliver a highly rated viewing experience. Your app will impress viewers with the standard AWE offering, but if you have something else in mind, our award-winning developers can bring your vision to life for Apple TV and other leading streaming devices.

Your AWE license includes support with industry-leading history, as AWE has supported major media entertainment brands as they entered TV Everywhere and Over-the-Top (OTT) markets. Viewers of AWE-powered apps enjoy dynamic interfaces while administrators easily customize flexible feature screens through AWE’s Application Management Portal (AMP). AMP is a web-based tool that allows content creators to drag and drop their way to unique screen experiences. Administrators can access AMP anywhere, anytime to update their app’s appearance as often as they’d like.

Join the thousands of apps on Apple TV with AWE, and enjoy configurability, scalability, and reliability that some of the biggest names in broadcasting have relied on.

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