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With more than 30 million devices sold, Chromecast is one of the most highly adopted streaming devices available. It’s no wonder, since viewers can Cast numerous sports programming apps and major broadcast and content creator networks from their mobile devices or laptop computers to their televisions with ease. Some televisions and displays now ship with Chromecast built in, so a growing number of users are gaining new kinds of access to their favorite shows, movies, and video. Millions of users engage with thousands of apps via Chromecast and connected TVs—viewers have come to expect the ability to Cast video from their devices. As the number of Cast-enabled households continues to grow, AWE helps brands get content in front of Chromecast viewers quickly and simply.

Control the Cast

Chromecast lets viewers watch their favorite content with a single tap. No need for multiple apps or channels—users simply download your app and Cast to their TV.

Getting your video streaming app Chromecast enabled typically requires lengthy development and testing time, but Bottle Rocket’s Cast-ready AWE platform gets your content in front of viewers faster, and with the custom look and performance other out-of-the-box solutions lack. With integration partners that deliver information you need to know from authentication to viewership, all the details are handled. All you have to do is decide what to display.

AWE develops for Chromecast natively and lets content creators determine featured content and the app’s look and feel using a drag-and-drop interface. AWE’s Application Management Platform (AMP) gives administrators complete editorial control for a custom look and feel no other framework offers. AMP allows a deep level of configurability anytime, anywhere, across platforms, to make promoting content quick and easy.

Use AWE to be a part of the more than 1.5 billion Casts taking place in 24+ countries and territories worldwide.

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