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Coca-Cola Freestyle machine with app
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Coca-Cola Freestyle

In 2009, Coca-Cola introduced a touchscreen Coca-Cola Freestyle® soda machine featuring over 125 different Coca-Cola drinks and flavors for consumers to mix, pour and enjoy. Coca-Cola engaged Bottle Rocket in early 2014 to completely rethink and redesign their app to encourage Coca-Cola fans to express themselves through their own creative drink combinations. Try it now on iOS and Android.

Coca-Cola Freestyle machine with app

the ultimate expression of taste

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Innovation and more information

The Coca-Cola Freestyle app showcases the overall Coca-Cola brand’s breadth of products and allows consumers to engage with brands they know and love in refreshing ways. The app is completely focused on the user with a newly redesigned user experience and use of QR technology to connect the app to a dispenser. Not only does it provide the basic functionality of a Freestyle machine locator, but it also gamifies the experience of creating drinks. By creating a profile through a social sign-in or My Coke Rewards, users now have a home to quickly create new mixes, add favorite drinks, keep track of badges and see current offers. With the Coca-Cola Freestyle app, the power of the pour is in the user’s hands, encouraging everyone to express their own unique tastes.

Coca-Cola Freestyle is giving consumers a refreshing way to engage with brands they know and love.

app highlights


  • Create and save custom mixes
  • Share favorite mixes and special offers
  • Connect with a Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser via QR code
  • Locate a nearby Coke Freestyle dispenser
  • Special offers at a user’s favorite location
  • Includes a strong loyalty component via check-in and badging
  • Challenges, achievements and special prizes


  • Winner of the 2016 Appy Awards in the Restaurant, Food, and Beverage category
Coca Cola Freestyle Machine