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Reach new viewers with an AWE-powered Amazon Fire TV app. As Fire TV’s share of streaming device sales continues to climb annually, more networks are beginning to deliver their content via Amazon’s streaming device. With tens of thousands of available channels and apps, including Alexa skills, Fire TV is a powerful yet inexpensive way to watch your favorite content on high definition television screens. Available as Fire TV Stick or Fire TV, broadcasters can deliver content to a growing number of users. There’s reason to believe in the future of Fire TV, as three quarters of Amazon’s entire streaming media player sales belonged to Fire TV stick. The AWE development process makes adding Fire TV Stick or Fire TV to your cadre of Over-the-Top (OTT) devices simple.

Light Their Fire

Users demand seamless viewing experiences across their streaming devices. Fire TV’s lightning-fast processor can help with that, but only when apps are equally smooth and responsive. The AWE platform is proven among major broadcast networks, independent content creators, and their viewers, resulting in highly rated apps with longer, more frequent user engagement. We achieve that making things easy for administrators with AWE’s web-based tool, the Application Management Portal (AMP). With AMP, content creators can create unique feature screen experiences with drag and drop, no drama. The result: a sleek custom-looking user experience and responsive interface unlike anything you’ll see from other out-of-the-box solutions. AMP’s deep level of configurability makes promoting content quick and easy anytime, anywhere, across platforms.

Once your Fire TV app is up and running, your AWE license entitles you to industry-leading support. You can also rely on AWE’s numerous integration partners to provide analytics, support for ads, and much more.

As more viewers join the 35.8 million Fire TV owners, you can rest easy knowing AWE’s scalability can expand your viewership reliably and simply.

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