Join Rocketeers Jonathan Campos, Ashley Banegas, and Luke Wallace at InnoTech Dallas this year. Jonathan will join Chris Gates, Paola Saibene, and George Trujillo for the a session titled CIO Expert Panel: Modernizing Data Management. Ashley and Luke will be hosting their own session where they'll take a look at where voice interfaces are today and what we can expect in the future in their session titled Hello Computer: The Future of Conversational UI.

Session Descriptions

CIO Expert Panel: Modernizing Data Management

In 2018, CIOs are being challenged more than ever to achieve digital success and leverage emerging technologies to create new capabilities which drive new growth and differentiation. CIOs need to modernize their data management strategies and architectures to leverage emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data and Cloud. Data is at the heart of all these changes. Data ingestion, data integration, architectures, data management, data governance and data virtualization all need to be part of the enterprise data strategy. Join us to gain insight as leading CIOs share their vision and experiences in meeting their modernizing data management challenges in 2018.

Hello Computer: The Future of Conversational UI

Voice Interfaces have started to pervade our daily lives, from our personal mobile devices, to smart speakers around our home. Now that we have constant access to voice controls and assistants, how will our lives change, and what comes next? We’ll explore not only the current capabilities, but where conversational interfaces are going, and some of the key concepts to be aware of for these new user experiences.

Bottle Rocket Speakers

Ashley Banegas is an experience designer and Strategist at Bottle Rocket. She consistently crafts unique digital experiences for her clients, some of which include Coca-Cola, MoneyGram, and Pfizer. Ashley is passionate about staying up-to-date on emerging trends, and she combines the latest technologies with industry-specific innovations in order to bring a fresh perspective to problem-solving. She has experience in both startup consulting and Agile management and has a master’s degree in Product Development from Carnegie Mellon.

Luke Wallace is Bottle Rocket's Director of Android Engineering. Luke has successfully led his team to develop Android apps for clients such as Chick-fil-A, Starwood Hotels, and Nationwide: Make Safe Happen, managing the process from development to implementing strategic objectives that are aligned with the Android engineering discipline's strategic initiatives. A strong proponent of all things Google, Luke is an invaluable resource at Bottle Rocket, always bringing the latest perspectives on news and updates from within the industry.