Mobile World Congress had an amazing line up this year with several reveals and announcements that have caused quite the stir in the mobile world. Not negative, but inquisitive. All of the news about wearables and the future of mobile inadvertently brought a storm of questions along with it.

"For years, I've noticed something about CES in Las Vegas every year. Not only do I feel my personal values don't fit the impressive display we have come to expect, I have also noticed Vegas has a "tell". Every year I like to see what booths are small one year, and huge the following. A few years back it was 3D printers. Who the heck needed one of those? The vendors' booth size (like Makerbot) said so, we didn't have to ask. But the line to see the booth said something else. A year later it was "wearables". Then it was "drones". CES, at least the cheap seats, is an oracle of the future. Yes, that's insanely embellished. But it's what I have seen myself.

Barcelona is different. First off, there are no cheap seats. "Small booths" are usually found as a child to a mega booth. For example, France or Catalonia will host a booth so that companies inside that region can have their own 5x5. That is something we simply don’t see in Vegas.

But the biggest difference, and this is a "duh" moment, is Barcelona is, as advertised, all about mobile.

Barcelona deserves many things, including props for seeing at least a few years into the future when they saw that mobile might one day be something big. The spirit here is amazing. Open to the future and ready to write it. So, what did I find in the city of mobile?"