November 6, 2017

Bottle Rocket Expands OTT Offering with Amazon Fire TV

AWE, Bottle Rocket’s TV Everywhere and Over-the-Top (OTT) video streaming platform, is now available for Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

DALLAS, November 1, 2017 — Today, mobile and connected device specialist Bottle Rocket announced the release of their first Amazon Fire TV app, one of several in development for release by the end of 2017.

This initial “client-confidential” Fire TV app marks AWE’s expansion into its latest device. AWE apps are already on Roku, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, iOS and Android. With the addition of Fire TV, AWE can deliver its award-winning streaming experiences to a wider audience across mobile and all OTT devices.

Bottle Rocket added Fire TV devices because of its evolving position in the OTT ecosystem. Fire TV Stick makes up three quarters of Amazon’s entire streaming media player sales, and Fire TV’s popularity has propelled it past Apple TV in sales and is approaching Google Chromecast in market share.

With tens of thousands of available channels and apps, including Alexa skills, Fire TV is a powerful yet inexpensive way to stream video. By pairing Amazon’s technology with the AWE platform, Bottle Rocket can bring more broadcasters to a wider viewership with its out-of-the-box offering or a custom AWE app.

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About Bottle Rocket

Headquartered in Dallas, Bottle Rocket is a mobile/connected device specialist that defines, designs, and develops applications that connect future-focused brands to their customers and employees. Through sophisticated, yet simple, technology-enabled experiences, our partners strengthen their businesses through enhanced user and brand interactions. Our more than 350 iOS, Android, streaming device, wearable, AR/VR, voice, web, and TV experiences have set new standards in connecting people to what they want and redefining how they live their lives. Bottle Rocket is a mobile specialist at the center of WPP, the world’s largest communications and customer experience services group. To learn more, visit us at or drop us a note at [email protected].

September 19, 2017

Bottle Rocket Partners with Ravens to Launch Apple TV App

Today, Bottle Rocket announced the launch of the latest app to leverage its AWE video distribution platform. The new streaming video app, called Ravens TV, was developed in collaboration with the Baltimore Ravens and is available for free on Apple TV. This addition makes the Baltimore Ravens one of the first NFL teams to have this type of video experience available to fans.

“The ability to distribute our Emmy Award-winning video content via an over-the-top platform is an important step forward in reaching Ravens fans in their home no matter where they live,” said Senior Vice President of Ravens Media Michelle Andres. “The availability of our programming on-demand from the living room couch is an entertainment and convenience play on behalf of our fans.”

Bottle Rocket’s AWE (Anywhere. Watch. Experience.) platform provides global broadcast networks and independent content creators a refined platform for native app development and elegant UI/UX for streamed video. Viewers watch their favorite content on their preferred devices on the couch or away from home. AWE brings viewers and content creators a reliable multi-platform experience with device-optimized features. This platform has been leveraged by leading brands such as The Oprah Winfrey Network, GSN (Game Show Network), The Hallmark Channel, NBC, and Scripps Networks Interactive.

“We are excited to have the Ravens on the AWE Platform,” said Judy Johnson, Product Owner of AWE. "The AWE platform was designed for both large and small video content owners to quickly and efficiently launch amazing video experiences on mobile and OTT streaming devices with the backend services businesses need, including support for ads, analytics tracking, and app management tools. Working with the team, we were able to get the Raven’s app developed and launched on Apple TV with both VOD and live content in only a matter of days.”

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February 16, 2017

Enhanced AWE platform accelerates content providers’ Roku rollouts

Bottle Rocket, a mobile strategy and development company, has made a number of enhancements to its Anywhere Watch Experience (AWE) for the Roku internet TV offering, allowing video content owners to enhance their multiscreen experience.

The enhanced AWE app framework also has benefits for streaming video on iOS, Android, Apple TV and Chromecast.

A key element of the enhanced AWE app is helping SVOD players advance their time to market.

The AWE platform for TV Everywhere and SVOD is designed to help brands of almost any size deliver content on Roku quickly and provide a high level of control over how their content is presented and promoted within the channel.

AWE’s interface already has a presence in 25 major cable and broadcast networks in various countries. Whether it’s a major network or smaller content producer, every app is developed to the standards and guidelines for each native operating system.

AWE provides an enhanced user experience and uses all of the latest Roku SDK functionality, which is important for brands needing to be found through Roku’s universal search function.

The solution allows for monetization through ad integration, supports analytics to provide insight into content consumption and user behavior, and can integrate with Adobe Pass for authentication if needed.

Given the presence that Roku has in the OTT video market, being able to effectively integrate with the platform makes sense to distribute content.

Roku, according to ComScore, holds a 49% share of the market and has 10 million active accounts, along with a newly released set of devices.

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February 15, 2017

TV Everywhere Platform, AWE, Finalist in Cablefax Digital Awards

Cablefax has named AWE, Bottle Rocket’s TV Everywhere platform, as a finalist in their Digital Awards in the TV Everywhere Technology (Vendor) category. This news follows two award wins for AWE in 2016: Best Live Streaming or Video for Mobile (Mobile Excellence Awards) and Best TV Everywhere Technology (Cablefax Digital Awards).

Winners of Cablefax’s Digital Award, Tech Award, and Most Innovative in Multiscreen Honorees will be named at the Multiscreen Awards Breakfast on March 30, 2017, from 8 – 10 a.m., at the Yale Club in New York City. The event honors the top campaigns of the year, the smartest initiatives, the best products and the people behind them.

See who else is nominated for this year’s Cablefax Digital Award and Tech Award, then start rooting for AWE!

February 7, 2017

Award-Winning TVE Platform AWE Innovates Through Roku

Bottle Rocket is an international, multi-disciplinary mobile studio that connects future-focused brands to their customers through sophisticated yet simple mobile and connected device experiences. This includes an award-winning video experience platform, AWE, used by major video content owners, cable, and broadcast networks across the globe.

Below is our recent interview with Judy Johnson, the Director of Product Management at Bottle Rocket. Judy joined the Bottle Rocket team in 2013, where she became the product owner for AWE – bringing digital video to mobile and connected devices. In 2015, she was named one of Mobile Marketers Women to Watch. Prior to Bottle Rocket, she worked at Sony as Director of Global Product Management for their video platform on the Playstation and Connected Devices.

Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your AWE platform?

A: AWE is a powerful TV Everywhere and OTT platform that lets content providers offer an award-winning video experience across mobile and connected devices. The platform significantly accelerates time to market while ensuring an excellent consumer experience. It also gives brands the ability to control how they present and promote content across devices. One of the greatest features of AWE is its web-based management portal (AMP), which allows content owners to rearrange, feature, and promote content in their app without an update and without having to wait for developers.

Furthermore, AWE offers significant key benefits to content owners and combines a wide degree of flexibility with the convenience of an off-the-shelf solution. For example, content providers can create highly custom feature screens, allowing them to promote video content to their consumers. It also grants integrations with leading authentication, advertising, and analytics packages to satisfy critical business requirements. AWE also supports VOD and linear video playback in a seamless experience while providing key user features such as the ability to keep track of favorite shows, receive updates and notifications, and view schedules for live playback.

AWE is not a CMS, so there is no need to upload content twice. Brands simply need to upload content as they always have, and it will be available in AMP to promote as they please.

Bottle Rocket Featured

Q: You’ve recently announced that AWE has strengthened its Roku Internet TV offering; tell us something more?

A: Roku has become a must-have platform for any video content owner. According to ComScore, Roku holds a 49% share of the market and has 10 million active accounts. That’s why Bottle Rocket decided to strengthen our Roku Internet TV offering on AWE, utilizing all the latest Roku SDK functionality like monetization through ad integration, supporting analytics to provide insight into content consumption and user behavior, and Adobe Pass integration for authentication. This solution allows brands to be found through Roku’s universal search function and provides a high level of control over how video owner’s content is presented and promoted.

However, AWE not only provides an amazing, easy-to-use Roku consumer experience but also offers video content owners the ability to create unique apps using a robust app management portal. This allows video content owners the flexibility to feature and promote content to their own design – going beyond other’s template-based experiences.

Bottle Rocket TV Control

Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: According to Forrester, on a monthly basis, more people now watch video via OTT than DVR. Digital consumption continues to rise as TV fades from being a mass medium. Given that, AWE is very excited for what the next six months will offer.

AWE will continue to enhance our product platform with the features that are important to video businesses and consumers. Video on mobile and connected devices is still an emerging platform, evolving very quickly, and AWE plans to stay ahead of industry needs through features that enhance consumer engagement and drive monetization.

Q: What have been some major milestones over the last 24 months?

A: We have added new platforms including TVOS and Roku to the AWE ecosystem. These platforms are tied into our existing app management tools to provide video content owners one place to manage their app experience. AWE has also incorporated features for new devices and operating systems including optimization for the iPad Pro, support for new versions of Android, updates for new industry technical requirements, and integration with exciting consumer features such as Apple’s single-sign-on.

In addition, we added some new exciting clients including Oprah Winfrey Network, Game Show Network, FUSE, Awesomeness TV, and The Dallas Cowboys.

Bottle Rocket TV Everywhere

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Q: Why would a broadcast provider or video content owner use AWE over a competitive product?

A: While AWE benefits to broadcast providers and video content owners, broadcast providers especially benefit from the way AWE accesses their content. AWE is not a CMS – it latches on to an existing CMS. All the video content that is currently available in the CMS will be available in AWE, and then our clients select what is available to users. AWE also cuts down on wait time by allowing broadcast providers and content owners to rearrange, add or remove content, promote, feature, and more, as they please. Again, these changes occur the next time a user opens the app – without an update and without having to wait on developers. AWE provides OS and size class options as well, so every app looks unique and how brands prefer on any given platform (such as Android, Android Tablet, iPhone, iPhone+, iPad, Apple TV, Roku). This gives the power back to the broadcasters and content owners as they no longer have to request edits to the app. They simply do it themselves and click “save.”

Best of all, store ratings prove AWE’s success with a diverse range of users. The majority of apps using AWE 3.0 receive a 4.5 or higher rating, making the AWE platform an industry leading provider of TVE and OTT multi-screen experiences.

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