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We are dedicated to creating meaningful connections between brands and people.

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A little about us

Bottle Rocket has been a thought leader at the intersection of transformative technology and business innovation since our inception in 2008. Headquartered in Dallas, we provide end-to-end experience transformation services that produce undeniable value for many of the world’s most successful companies. Our over 550 experiences to date have created meaningful connections between brands and consumers and have changed how our clients compete and win in the marketplace.

With the Connected Customer at the center, we help our clients grow by creating experiences that matter for your business and your customers. Bottle Rocket is a strategic partner within the worldwide WPP integrated communications network.

It’s easy to make things hard and hard to make things easy.
We’re in the business of ideating, designing, and evolving preeminent experiences that are dead simple to use and propel your business forward.

A proud part of the Ogilvy Experience family of companies.

Did you know Bottle Rocket is a part of the Ogilvy worldwide network of companies? This means that in addition to our full suite of strategy, design, build, and grow services, we are also backed by a massive network of global talent and delivery expertise across a wide variety of solutions and capabilities around the world. Onshore, nearshore, and offshore, our partnerships within Ogilvy and our Ogilvy sister companies runs deep.

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A legacy of leading the way

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With a true love and appreciation for technology, Bottle Rocket’s Founder, Calvin Carter, took a leap of faith over fifteen years ago.

It all began with a phone. Some thought the iPhone was just a sleek new gadget, but Calvin felt it could be more. An always early adopter of technology, he waited in line for the first iPhone in 2007. What quickly became clear to him was how this device would change how we do everything. The day after Steve Jobs announced the iPhone platform was open to third-party developers, Bottle Rocket was born. Driven by this exceptionally innovative technology and its immense possibilities, Calvin designed and built nine apps that first year and drew the attention of National Public Radio (NPR), which shortly thereafter became Bottle Rocket’s first client.

Over the next fifteen years, Bottle Rocket forged deep partnerships with some of the world’s most discriminating brands. It is this expertise and proficiency that has provided us a unique perspective and powerful set of capabilities to support our clients in their acquisition, engagement and retention efforts and create experiences that customers love. Bottle Rocket has a powerful foundation to stand on—comprised of everything from a rich and diverse history, to an amazingly powerful portfolio of skills, to a brilliantly-talented, passionately-focused team of Rocketeers. And we’re just getting started.

We're in the business of connections.

No matter what kind of transformation your company is experiencing, whether it is market pressure from shifting customer expectations, disruptive competitors, or the internal pressures to become more efficient through technology, transformation means change. And humans resist change. At every level and with great fervor. No transformation will be successful without first establishing a mindset throughout the enterprise that brings everyone together.

At Bottle Rocket, we pay special attention to connections. And we always seek opportunities to build genuine, deep connections that only authentic, open, transparent communications and actions can bring. This is true with our clients, with our teams, and with our partners. We believe working in this way, and only this way, is the path to the best results and the greatest efficiencies along the way. 

At Bottle Rocket, inclusion and diversity are top priorities. We aim for lasting change and measurable progress. Our goal is a welcoming community where everyone feels heard and supported, free to be their authentic selves. Embracing diversity is key to our success.

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