Building Resilient Apps for the Future with Flutter

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Bottle Rocket has been at the forefront of Flutter development since its launch in 2017. We’ve harnessed the full potential of this dynamic UI toolkit to craft memorable and impactful digital experiences that are changing the way businesses serve customers.

Unleash the Power of Flutter

Flutter empowers us to build cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Linux, all from a single code base. This dramatically slashes time-to-market and development costs.

Our squad boasts over 20 expert Flutter developers who are proficient in creating native apps using Flutter, ensuring a goal-oriented, predictable, and rapid development process.


Bottle Rocket Joins Google’s Prestigious Flutter Consultants Program

Bottle Rocket, a leading mobile app development company, today announced its selection as a Partner in Google’s esteemed Flutter Consultants program. This partnership aligns perfectly with Bottle Rocket’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to its clients through cutting-edge technology solutions.

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Partnering with Flutter for Seamless Mobile Solutions

Flutter, an open-source framework backed by Google, serves as a formidable UI toolkit that enables us to develop natively compiled applications across mobile (iOS & Android), web, and desktop, all from a singular codebase. Flutter allows us to quickly and efficiently create simple, yet sophisticated applications that are high performing and fully customizable based on each company’s specific needs, all in a shorter time frame and at less cost than creating multiple native apps.

Rapid Development

A unified codebase for iOS, Android, and Web expedites experimentation, UI design, feature integration, and ongoing maintenance.

Expressive and Flexible UI

Flutter empowers us to craft delightful, fluid user experiences that seamlessly adapt to every platform.

Native Performance

Flutter’s widgets seamlessly incorporate platform-specific nuances like scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts, ensuring full native performance on both iOS and Android.

Is your team ready for the Xamarin end of life?

Flutter may be your future.

Your Flutter App,
Our Expertise

No need to assemble an in-house team. Bottle Rocket, a renowned mobile application development company since 2008, excels in creating seamless, context-rich, and frictionless mobile apps. We specialize in high-quality native and single-codebase apps, propelling companies of all sizes towards growth.

Our team of proficient Flutter app developers leverages the power of Flutter to craft dynamic, engaging, and high-performance mobile apps. With extensive experience as a mobile app development company, we appreciate the significance of delivering innovative solutions across diverse platforms.

trusted by industry leaders​

Bottle Rocket has proudly collaborated with industry giants to create exceptional Flutter-powered solutions:

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We developed the TeamStyle Connect mobile app to serve Chick-fil-A, their largest customer.

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We crafted the ShopRunner mobile app, a free membership service simplifying global retail shipping.

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For professionals in the housing industry, we created a mobile app simplifying the shopping experience for maintenance and renovation supplies.

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Our team delivered the myHealthHub mobile app, supporting direct relationships between employers and health insurance providers.

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