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Providers, payors, payviders, and the constant stream of new entrants must find new ways to digitally serve patients both now and well into the future if they are to thrive in this time of unprecedented transformation.

Healthcare in the age of consumerism.

The digital healthcare revolution started long ago. But never has there been a more necessary time for all players in the healthcare industry to adopt digital solutions to better care for their patients and providers. These solutions are expected to be as seamless and easy as streaming a show, ordering dinner, or finding directions. Amid this time of uncertainty and change, urgency can be the key to continued acquisition, engagement, and retention of your patients and likely the future success of your organization. Digital touchpoints in healthcare too often offer an inflexible, limited experience for patients and providers alike.

A digital experience strategy will help you offer greater accessibility and efficiency to your patients with an experience they expect, while delivering the type of interaction and care required to improve patient outcomes for the long term. As the world continues to shift more towards “holistic health” care and away from “sick” care, digital experiences that keep patients engaged will be the key to the future.  

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Understanding the stages of digital maturity in healthcare
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Where does your company fall? And do you know what it takes to advance your digital maturity? Explore below to learn more.

Introducting Bottle Rocket’s four-part series about the journey to digital maturity in healthcare. Our healthcare experts prepared this series for other healthcare experts that are navigating the various stages along the way. This series begins with an overview of the three stages and then the subsequent chapters will deep dive into the types of conversations Hospital Systems should be engaging in to digitally advance your business.

Healthcare eBook; understanding the stages of digital maturity in healthcare
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Bottle Rocket recognized as a forward-thinking provider in healthcare space by International Data Corporation (IDC)

IDC Market Glance: Healthcare Provider Clinical IT Solutions, 2021

How can we help you?

Bottle Rocket helps our clients make healthcare more accessible. We provide end-to-end digital healthcare solutions and create frictionless patient experiences for healthcare companies of all shapes and sizes. 

Bottle Rocket can help you formulate your digital strategy, enable your digital strategy with a new or optimized patient or provider digital experience, or turbo-charge your growth, engagement, and retention of patients with further efficiencies and data-driven insights. Or all 3! Regardless of where you are in your digital transformation we are here to help. 


Digital strategy & current state evaluation
Digital front door strategy, design & development
Digital patient journey mapping & enhancements
Digital ecosystem consolidation
Patient portal design, development & optimization
Remote patient monitoring solutions
Ambulatory & inpatient virtual care enablement
Patient, staff & provider engagement
Telemedicine solutions
Wayfinding and location services
Digital check-in, bill pay and appointment scheduling
Business strategy & current state evaluation
Patient loyalty programs
Analytics & reporting


Native mobile applications (iOS, Android)
Mobile cross platform
Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)
Voice and intelligent assistants
Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)
Predictive modeling, artificial intelligence & machine learning
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Meet our Healthcare Practice leader

Matthew Patrick Tobias
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Before serving as the Healthcare Program Manager at Bottle Rocket Matt held many Fill-in-the-blank Specialist titles at places like SCL Health, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Catholic Health Initiatives, and Epic Systems Corporation.  Despite being labeled a Specialist he has worked in and around Software, Experience, Population Health, Analytics, Regulatory Programs, Project Management, Workflow Design, Interoperability, and anything else healthcare could throw his way.  He hopes to one day include Ironicist in his title.

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