The Pitfalls of Division: How Silos Hinder Integrated Patient Experiences

Division of Labor Acquiring and retaining patients for a healthcare system has only become more difficult in recent years as more care options present themselves and the ease of transferring to another provider has increased.  As we talk with prospective clients, we’ve been noticing a worrying trend as more systems divide the labor to address […]

Nothing is Normal

There are at least two types of folks for whom edge cases can result in poor experiences: the spoiler and the infrequent flyer. 

That Escalated Quickly: Non-Traditional Healthcare Competition Has Already Taken Hold

People standing at a counter at a pharmacy

Healthcare headlines were dominated in late 2022 and early 2023 by announcements of new competitors entering the Healthcare delivery space. Amazon. CVS. Walgreens. Walmart. Best Buy. Dollar General. Dollar General? Yes, Dollar General – they have a rural reach that’s desperate for medical attention. They are all looking to provide primary care services and/or home […]

Not Just Mints on Pillows

Experience consultancies have been helping all these industries develop the very same experiences we are now being measured against.

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Experience experts weigh in on their top strategies for our most successful clients.