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Bajaj Auto

More than just an automotive company, Bajaj provides necessary transportation to millions of people trying to earn a living in India and beyond. With two-wheelers making up more than 75 percent of the total vehicle fleet in operation across India in financial year 2019*, Bajaj Auto knew they must create a drool-worthy digital experience to keep their spot in this hyper-competitive market.



Founded in 1945 by Jamnalal Bajaj, Bajaj Auto is the second largest motorcycle exporter in India and third largest in the world. With over 36,000 employees worldwide, Bajaj manufactures and sells motorcycles, scooters, auto-rickshaws and cars. Selling over 18 million motorcycles in 70 countries around the world, they are the first two-wheeler and three-wheeler company in the world to have reached a market capitalization of over $13 billion.

The Challenge

Bajaj Auto sought to find a US-based Experience Design agency to provide a best-in-class digital experience that would create a best-in-class experience for that they could market to their customers. Wanting to emulate industry-leading, design focused brands such as Tesla and Apple, Bajaj knew that they needed a flawless and visually stunning experience in order to drive both desire and action among their customers. With motorcycles serving as the primary form of transportation in India, it was imperative to understand the cultural context of what these vehicles provide to their customers. The majority of bikes are used for various forms of work and to transport goods and services across the country. This was a large purchase decision for most customers, so Bajaj’s digital experience had to provide the necessary details and immersive experience that would move customers past the consideration phase and lead them to ultimately purchase.
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As the world continues to turn to more digital interactions by preference, the time was perfect for EchoPark to move swiftly to market with a unique digital/hybrid car buying experience that only they could offer.

While many auto companies have gone digital, most are still lagging from a retail ecommerce perspective. This was partially due to the rigid nature of existing Automotive Marketing Systems in the industry that offered experiences that don’t match the lives of car-buyers. This “white space” was wide open and ready to be conquered, but the team at Sonic knew speed to market could make or break this business. The team knew that they needed to create a modern, fast, and flexible digital infrastructure that the brand could own and manage simply and easily going forward. They also knew it was imperative to keep the customer at the center of all decisions to truly create the customer-centric organization it desired.

Our Approach

Known for our Experience Design prowess, Bajaj approached Bottle Rocket to help create a visually stunning and immersive experience for their customers. Partnering with other Ogilvy specialty brand partners including Verticurl for the backend development, Bottle Rocket got to work providing visual design, user research and strategy. Using cultural context from our partners at Ogilvy India, Bottle Rocket was able to unearth what was most important for these customers.  


The new site needed to be forward-thinking while remaining retail-oriented to show the facts and features of each vehicle. The new site shows off all the bells and whistles of the bikes, while still providing necessary information like performance, design, technology and safety. The new website features a slider gallery with animated content images to compare different types of vehicles. The team also tackled organization of vast databases of information, including investors information and press releases, allowing the user to filter by year or month, with tabs for easy access. The site features an easy to understand overview of the models of motorcycles so customers can easily compare bikes to one another. Inside the motorcycle detail page, users are able to see a 360- degree view of the motorcycle, as well as modify the specifications of the vehicle to their liking. After designing their perfect bike, customers are able to easily find the closest dealership to them to book a test drive and purchase the vehicle in-person.   

The website will help to provide customers with all the information needed to make this important purchase, while displaying the modern and cutting-edge vision for the brand. Together, Bottle Rocket and Bajaj were able to create an incredible experience for the client and customers alike.  

Man on Bajaj moped with an image of the website on an iMac.
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