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Moneygram International

Domestic money transfer applications make it incredibly easy to transfer money – and users have come to expect this same level of service for international transfers as well. MoneyGram needed to quickly adapt and grow their business to accommodate changing user expectations and capitalize on an unmet market.



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MoneyGram International is the second largest provider of money transfers in the world with locations in more than 200 countries and territories. MoneyGram has experienced 106% digital transaction growth already this year with 48% higher customer retention rates and 34% higher average transactions per month compared to the retail walk-in business.

The Challenge

With the rise of easy to use peer-to-peer cash transfer applications like Venmo and Cash App, users’ expectations for money transfers are changing rapidly. Users expect transfers to be simple to initiate and quick to resolve, ideally with money appearing almost instantly. The problem? Most money transfer applications are designed for national transfers, not international transfers. Cash transfers, especially when moving from one currency to another, are much more difficult to navigate and are subject to differing regulations.

In addition to the challenges present in the app, the distributed nature of the money transfer business meant that MoneyGram was also managing 45 country specific websites, constantly educating, showcasing and explaining the value of MoneyGram’s unique features in a “local” voice.  Driving the conversion of loyal web-based patrons to a more convenient and frictionless mobile channel was also a difficult challenge, but the inherent benefits to the end user were well worth the effort.

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Our Approach

Often times in design, the simplest goals are the most difficult to execute. We set out to tackle the challenge with an intense look at our users – both those sending cash and those receiving it.  These weren’t your average mobile users necessarily, with the majority of the receivers living in locations that may or may not have access to high levels of connectivity or access to the latest technology and smartphones. Working hand-in-hand with our client, we came up with a solution that took the most valuable element of MoneyGram’s physical footprint, their worldwide network of 350,000 agents, and brought that human experience to digital. The end result is a highly personalized, easy to understand and effective money sending experience that best achieves the needs of each audience, but with different, unique solutions.
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Through the purposeful combination of native application development and a redesigned, content managed website, we were able to effectively tap into the unique attributes of each platform and create an omni-channel solution that delivered what each side of the money transfer equation needed, in a way that worked with their network access, location and cell phone compatibility. At the heart of this multi-channel ecosystem is a brand-new content management system (CMS) that allows MoneyGram to maximize leads and deploy changes quickly, keeping them ahead of the competition. And for the end user, this new CMS means customization, personalization, and localization is possible. “The MoneyGram digital platforms know what I want to accomplish and help me get there quickly.” International transfers can be complicated, but with the new MoneyGram multi-channel digital ecosystem, it has never been easier to send and receive cash to and from loved ones the world over.
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In the News

MoneyGram Delivers All-Time Record High for Transactions in its Direct-to-Consumer Digital Business in March
DALLAS, April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MoneyGram International, Inc., a global leader in the evolution of digital P2P payments, today announced MoneyGram Online (MGO) recorded an all-time high in cross-border transactions as well as 131% growth in year-over-year cross-border transactions for the month of March. This marks the fifteenth consecutive month of triple-digit growth for MGO. This continuing growth has been driven by consumer demand for the Company’s leading mobile app as it sustains strong app download growth rates and continues to experience strong customer retention rates.
MoneyGram Delivers All-Time Record High for Transactions in its Direct-to-Consumer Digital Business in March
DALLAS, Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — MoneyGram International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGI), a global leader in cross-border P2P payments and money transfers, today announced the Company delivered 150% year-over-year cross-border transaction and revenue growth for October in its direct-to-consumer digital business, MGO. This marks the tenth consecutive month of triple-digit year-over-year cross-border transaction growth in this channel.
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