Leveraging virtual reality to introduce candidates to the enterprise.

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Recruiting top-tier talent is difficult, especially when a company’s operations are worldwide. That’s why we created a custom virtual reality tour to educate and engage perspective applicants for Pfizer.



With over 90,000 employees and 58 manufacturing sites around the globe, pharmaceutical provider Pfizer is dedicated to bringing therapies to patients that significantly improve their lives. With over 12,000 manufacturing employees in the U.S., Pfizer sets the standard for this country’s advanced manufacturing.

The Challenge

The pharmaceutical industry has a problem. According to Gallup, only a third of Americans have a favorable view of this industry. In today’s hyper-competitive market for top college graduate talent, being viewed unfavorably reduces the likelihood of recruiting world-class talent and continuing to deliver innovative healthcare solutions.

On top of that, The Manufacturing Institute estimates that the U.S. will have 2M manufacturing jobs left unfilled over the next decade. Pfizer wanted an innovative way to immerse potential job applicants in Pfizer’s global enterprise—from household products to specialty drug production to advanced manufacturing.

Our Approach

Since it’s extremely hard for a company to have potential candidates from around the world visit facilities and fully understand the career opportunities that are available, we needed to create a solution that would literally bring the opportunities and facilities to the candidates. Via an immersive virtual reality experience, complete with a robot tour guide, we created a digital solution that allowed Pfizer to showcase production facilities all over the world. The new application allows Pfizer to demonstrate the wide variety of industries and processes involved in their manufacturing to potential candidates across the world.
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