Experience Blueprints

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Map your entire business ecosystem with a proven Service Design Methodology that uncovers financial, operational, and experiential opportunities.

Achieve the full potential of your relationship with customers.

What types of opportunities can this process uncover? 


Experience Blueprint in action

Current State Experience Blueprinting – Practical By Design


The goal is to map the whole journey to see a holistic view of gaps and opportunities – beginning with customer awareness, moving through discovery, then engagement, and finishing with user loyalty.



The magic happens when different levels of an organization come together examine a journey from differing perspectives- pain points or opportunities are identified and actioned on.



We examine everything. Breaking down multiple touchpoints, platforms, and systems, we get down to the roots. Regardless if it’s a digital interface, a physical in-person interaction, or an automated communication, our goal is to uncover obstacles and opportunities.

Improving the user experience through Service Design

“The experience your customers have and the systems that produce what they interact with are inextricably linked. You cannot affect one without affecting the other.”
Is your experience falling short?

Here’s why the Experience Blueprint workshop may be a good fit: 

Disconnected Touchpoints

While every organization seeks to provide a consistent omnichannel customer experience, the reality is that touchpoints are created and managed by different teams, have different roadmaps, and provide a less than seamless experience for users. The experience blueprint will look at all of these touchpoints together in a single journey moment in order to understand how they harmonize with each other.

Connections are Complex

Today's omni-channel customer experiences -powered by backend systems, 3rd parties, and teams of employees - are becoming increasing complex. The experience blueprint helps make sense of these systems, touchpoints, and processes by visualizing them in an accessible way, and giving a voice to the "behind the scenes" roles that make the customer experience possible.

Interfacing Isn't Integrating

True collaboration that leads to decisions made between departments is hard to do. Our blueprinting experts will facilitate a guided workshop designed to gather insights from a cross-functional team, so problems can be identified and solved together. A single blueprint workshop only takes a few hours to complete, reaping benefits for the next weeks, months, and even years to come.

The goal?

Deliver a human-centered
user experience

Create Stakeholder Alignment

We’ll facilitate activities and feedback loops that include stakeholders from each part of the system. As a group, we’ll identify, describe, and communicate the insights, critical breakdowns, and the opportunities for improvement.

Map Shared Understanding & Opportunities

Using the Experience Blueprinting method, we’ll visualize each key part of the physical and digital customer journey - and who and what “backstage” components come together to make that moment possible.


Identify Actionable Next Steps

Key moments, roles, processes, or tools will rise to the surface as areas to investigate further. We’ll synthesize all our work together and create recommendations for next steps.

in our own words...

Are you curious about what an Experience Blueprint really is? We asked our resident Service Design expert, Ashley Banegas, to weigh in.

Interested in continuing the conversation? Get in touch with one of our Service Design experts today.

Ashley Banegas

Our Expert

Ashley Banegas
Experience Consultant, Service Design

Ashley is a service design expert who specializes in crafting seamless and customer-centric experiences that drive businessgrowth. With a strong background in User Experience, Design, and User Research, Ashley is passionate about creating frictionless and meaningful experiences by integrating customer needs with business objectives. Ashley Holds a Masters in Product Development from Carnegie Mellon University and is known for her creativity, strategic mindset, and ability to translate complex concepts into actionable plans. 

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