Growth Strategy for Digital products

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Are you struggling to drive ROI from your digital experience?
Achieve exponential growth by leveraging data and using it to reap the most value for your business.

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the proof speaks for itself


Increase in New Users for a Leading CPG Brand


Hypotheses Generated For a Leading QSR Brand


Increase in Order Completions for a Leading CPG Brand


Hypotheses Launched & Tested For a Leading QSR Brand

Is your data working hard enough for your business?

Businesses often struggle to use their data effectively, hindering their ability to make informed decisions. Successful companies are using test-and-learn processes to drive growth and adapt quickly. Bottle Rocket can help businesses leverage research, data, and experimentation to validate decisions and improve performance. Performance that leads to scalable growth.

We know our clients areinvesting in digital withan expected return.

Product Growth at Bottle Rocket is geared to help our clients acceleratethe delivery of this exact need.

Accelerated Product Outcomes: User Acquisition, Expansion, Conversion, Retention

Is your business ready
fora product growth team?

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Ask yourself these few questions. If the answer is yes to any of them, let’s chat!
Our team of product growth experts is here to help.

Are you fully leveraging the power of your data?

Enhance your ability to measure success by implementing a strong data infrastructure, allowing you to demonstrate the value of your efforts, make informed decisions, and track relevant metrics.

Are you able to conduct experiments to test and learn what works best?

Our focus is on conducting strategic tests that promote decision-making and learning, rather than conducting trivial tests like button color variations.

Do you have a solid roadmap for upcoming releases and beyond?

By implementing an experimentation program, we can evaluate your existing internal capabilities and develop a roadmap to enhance your experimentation abilities.

Our growth services

Bottle Rocket has created a full suite of product growth services to help businesses of all shapes and sizes drive customer conversion, engagement and retention. 


We will help you create a strategy and actionable recommendations to improve the conversion rates across your web and mobile applications. Through our end-to-end product services, we can also help you execute on the strategic recommendations that surface during the engagement.


We can lay out a mobile messaging strategy to help you boost engagement by driving users back into your digital experience again and again.


We can help you create a strategy and set of experiments to improve your 30,60- and 90-day retention rates within your customer experience.

Sustainable business growth isn’t just possible, it’s well within reach.

Martech is about more than campaign data and marketing. Think of it as a platform for the entire business to drive growth as a collective whole. The most effective and progressive teams think about four key things.
Our resident growth expert weighs in on what it takes to change your perspective on growth, leave broken legacy systems behind, and accelerate sustainable growth in any organization.

If not, try this: Unite marketing and product management teams with a common metric framework and make sure they are regularly consulting with each other on campaigns and product features.

If not, try this: Task this united team to design, evaluate and implement a best in breed martech stack.

If not, try this: Ensure that customer data from all sources that contain this data is fed into a CDP and that the quality of this data is top notch.

If not, try this: Execute in a cross-functional manner where campaigns and features are thoughtfully linked and improved through a test and learn approach.

our partners & certifications

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Bottle Rocket’s growth team is a trained and certified partner to implement and execute for the following best-in-class tools:

Customer Data Platform

Organize and transform your data into a single view of your customers.

product Analytics

Build better products by turning user data into meaningful insights.

Deep-linking & attribution

Coordinate marketing campaigns to effectively target the appropriate audience at optimal times.

Engagement platform

Reach your target audience with precision and effectiveness.

Location & Geofencing

Accurately attribute clicks to conversions, and seamlessly link users to the content they want.

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