Growth Strategies for Today’s Data-Driven World

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Drive the most ROI possible from your digital experiences.

We can help you achieve exponential growth by leveraging data and insights to optimize your digital product roadmaps.

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2023 is the year of optimization and efficiency

In the year 2023, the QSR and restaurant landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. Brands are no longer solely focused on growth at all costs, but instead prioritizing long-term sustainable growth and profitability.

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Did you know?

The majority of digital experiences that we analyze are sub-optimized by a factor of 50% or more when looking at traffic, downloads, conversions, engagement and retention.

Bottle Rocket growth services help close this gap with industry benchmarks and enhanced 1st party data insights.

*90% of analytics setups we see are critically flawed

Our Growth Services

Our growth team specializes in leveraging data and analytics to provide insights and key strategies to marketing and design teams to accelerate user adoption, revenue growth, and long-term success for the digital product we are focused on.

Digital product growth

data & analytics

Leverage advanced analytics techniques to extract actionable insights from user data, enabling you to identify trends, uncover growth opportunities, and optimize your product roadmap

conversion optimization

Eliminate friction points in your journey, boost conversion rates, and enhance loyalty through user experience audits, A/B testing, and optimized conversion funnels

product iteration and roadmapping

Effectively prioritize and reach goals faster with product management strategy and roadmap velocity

product tech implementation & execution

Power your digital product for greater customer engagement through the use of best-in-class product tech

Growth marketing

user acquisition

Drive digital product traffic and downloads through targeted marketing campaigns, SEO optimization, and strategic partnerships to expand your user base


Ensure existing users remain active through optimized onboarding, loyalty programs, and enhanced personalization

Martech strategy, implementation & execution

Streamline and enhance marketing efforts through the use of data

Do you know your digital score?

Benchmark your mobile app’s performance against your competitors – see how your company’s mobile app stacks up compared to your competitors

the proof speaks for itself

Increase in New Users for a Leading CPG Brand
Hypotheses Generated For a Leading QSR Brand
Increase in Order Completions for a Leading CPG Brand
Hypotheses Launched & Tested For a Leading QSR Brand
Is your data working hard enough for your business?

Businesses often struggle to use their data effectively, hindering their ability to make informed decisions. Successful companies are using test-and-learn processes to drive growth and adapt quickly. Bottle Rocket can help businesses leverage research, data, and experimentation to validate decisions and improve performance. Performance that leads to scalable growth.

Product Tech and MarTech partners & certifications
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Bottle Rocket’s growth team is a trained and certified partner to implement and execute for following best-in-class tools:

Customer Data Platform

Organize and transform your data into a single view of your customers.

product Analytics

Build better products by turning user data into meaningful insights.

Deep-linking & attribution

Coordinate marketing campaigns to effectively target the appropriate audience at optimal times.

Engagement platform

Reach your target audience with precision and effectiveness.

Location & Geofencing

Accurately attribute clicks to conversions, and seamlessly link users to the content they want.

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