Experience Blueprints

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Mapping the entire journey from patient awareness, exploration, involvement, through improved outcomes.

Achieve the full potential of your relationship with patients.

What types of opportunities can this process uncover? 


Experience Blueprint in action

Current State Experience Blueprinting – Practical By Design


The real magic happens when different parts of a system collaborate to examine journeys from diverse angles. This is where we find pain points or opportunities and translate them into actionable strategies.



We dive deep into every touchpoint, platform, and system. Whether it’s a digital interface, face-to-face interaction, or automated message, we break them down to uncover challenges and opportunities.



We examine everything. Breaking down multiple touchpoints, platforms, and systems, we get down to the roots. Regardless if it’s a digital interface, a physical in-person interaction, or an automated communication, our goal is to uncover obstacles and opportunities.

Conversations with Matt + Ashley

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Improving the patient experience through Service Design

The experience your patients have and the systems that produce what they interact with are inextricably linked. You cannot affect one without affecting the other.

The goal?

Help systems become more patient-centric
Bringing Everyone Together

Through guided exercises and ongoing feedback, we involve people from all corners of the system. Together, we'll spot breakdowns, insights, and chances for improvement.

Visualizing the Journey

With Experience Blueprinting, we create visual representations of every aspect of the patient's journey – both in the physical and digital realms. We'll also highlight the behind-the-scenes elements that come together to create those moments.

Actionable Insights

Certain key moments, roles, processes, or tools will stand out as areas for deeper exploration. We'll synthesize our work and provide recommendations for the next steps.

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our service design engagement in practice

Our collaboration with Baylor Scott & White resulted in an exciting roadmap for digital transformation, aimed at enhancing the healthcare experience by reducing friction and boosting patient-centricity. This holistic experience comprises 49 potential initiatives that are now being translated into tangible actions.

These initiatives focus on leveraging technology to alleviate customer pain points and revolutionizing how healthcare services are delivered. Think of it as an app-based solution that redefines the healthcare journey.

To ensure optimal allocation of resources and efforts, we’ve classified these initiatives into different categories. High Priority initiatives are those with the potential for significant impact, followed by more complex tasks that might have less immediate effect. Lastly, we’ve identified certain initiatives that, while valuable, may not be feasible in the near term.


Our Experts

Ashley Banegas
Ashley Banegas

Experience Consultant, Service Design

Ashley is a service design expert who specializes in crafting seamless and customer-centric experiences that drive businessgrowth. With a strong background in User Experience, Design, and User Research, Ashley is passionate about creating frictionless and meaningful experiences by integrating customer needs with business objectives. Ashley Holds a Masters in Product Development from Carnegie Mellon University and is known for her creativity, strategic mindset, and ability to translate complex concepts into actionable plans. 

Matthew Patrick Tobias
Matthew Patrick Tobias
Healthcare Program Manager
Before serving as the Healthcare Program Manager at Bottle Rocket Matt held many Fill-in-the-blank Specialist titles at places like SCL Health, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Catholic Health Initiatives, and Epic Systems Corporation.  Despite being labeled a Specialist he has worked in and around Software, Experience, Population Health, Analytics, Regulatory Programs, Project Management, Workflow Design, Interoperability, and anything else healthcare could throw his way.  He hopes to one day include Ironicist in his title.
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