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In the blink of an eye, the world changed. Markets around the world are reeling from the turmoil caused by COVID-19 and companies of all shapes and sizes are feeling the impact. Next to the retail industry, none have suffered the effects quite like the travel industry. But where there is opportunity, there is optimism. Are you ready to deliver on the needs of the post-pandemic consumer?

Travel & Hospitality

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Many companies were already well on their way to digital adoption, but even then, no one was prepared for how customer behavior and preferences would change this year. We must all reimagine a new world where safety, empathy and a willingness to continuously innovate come first. For the travel industry, the new name of the game will involve digital and a focus on experience at every turn. And those willing to rethink everything about their businesses will be best prepared for what comes next. Customers must be able to engage with your brand in any way they choose, and employees must have the digital support mechanisms in place to best serve guests.

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Case Study

We helped Caesars Entertainment design and build an industry-leading digital experience that helped the company hit all time highs in revenue, bookings, installs and active users.

Our full suite of digital product services

Our proven approach to full-scale digital product growth allows us to meet you wherever you are in your journey and drive measurable value for your business.

product strategy

We can help digitally enable your business by leveraging proven digital strategies that drive results and position your company for the future.

research & insights

Our team provides qualitative and quantitative research options leveraging evaluative and generative methods to understand user behaviors, preferences, motivations and pain points to inspire design, feature, and full-scale product development innovation.


We drive long-term loyalty between organizations and their customers, patients, or employees by orchestrating how connected products, services, and people harmoniously deliver meaningful interactions across all channels.


Informed by research, insights, and user testing we craft innovative, user-centered design solutions and design intuitive digital product experiences that help companies achieve their business goals.

product development

We concept, build and maintain custom mobile applications and websites that keep your customers coming back. We leverage the latest technologies and platforms to ensure the experiences we create are performant, scalable, and manageable.


Our growth team specializes in helping marketing, product and design teams increase user adoption and engagement by leveraging analytics, data, digital marketing and martech.

data & AI

We help companies harness the power of data and AI to reach their untapped potential of increased efficiency, amplified scalability, and deepened knowledge.

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Meet our Travel & Hospitality Practice leader

Peter Klayman headshot
Peter Klayman
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Peter is a digital consulting and experience specialist and serves as our in-house expert on all things travel & hospitality. Peter is instrumental in our work with clients in this industry and helps ensure the work we are creating for our clients helps them remain competitive and constantly delivering on customer expectations. Prior to his role at Bottle Rocket, Peter served in various strategic and business consulting roles at Rambl and Strategy, part of the PwC network.
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