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After COVID-19, the future of work is at home — and the office

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Hybrid work arrangements are coming because workers want to spend time in both places and employers are worried about productivity.

Like many people, Jon Kollman is working from home, and he’s outfitted better than most.

A sales manager for AmeriSave Mortgage Corp. in Plano, he has an upstairs office in his Frisco condo with a big computer, three monitors and plenty of privacy. Downstairs, he has a 49-inch screen to keep an eye on mortgage work while enjoying time with his 1-year-old son.

“It’s amazing how I get to watch him grow up,” Kollman said.

He misses the camaraderie and energy of the office, and after COVID-19 gets under control, he’d like to return to seeing everybody in person. But no more than a few days a week, if that.

“Because of where I am in life with my family and son, I definitely prefer working from home,” said Kollman, who’s 30. “We love all this additional time together.”

Welcome to the new future of work. The pandemic that has caused so much pain and suffering has also accelerated a revolution in remote working. And some changes appear likely to stay after the public health crisis fades.

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