Bottle Rocket launches a digital accelerator for restaurants

Ignite logo on top of photo of burger and fries

Ignite streamlines the development processes and cost by up to 40%. Bottle Rocket Studios, a leading digital experience company, has today announced the launch of Ignite, a digital acceleration platform that provides small-to-mid sized restaurant brands with a launchpad to create fully customizable native mobile experiences for iOS, Android, and Web. Ignite, a proprietary framework that blends […]

McDonald’s Customers Still ‘Lovin It’ Despite Price Hikes

A pile of spilled french fries coming out of a McDonalds container

Total global sales jumped 12.6% matching growth in US and International markets McDonald’s customers remain loyal even as inflation forced the fast-food restaurant to raise menu prices. McDonald’s reported $2.63 a share on sales of $5.9 billion over the first quarter, beating Wall Street’s expected earnings of $2.33 a share on revenue of $5.59 billion. Looking ahead, the […]

Press Release: Experience Insights Report

Bottle Rocket, an experience consultancy that provides digital product strategy, design, and technology solutions for some of the world’s largest brands, announced today the launch of a new insights report.

Resources for Juneteenth

Along with our friends at Ogilvy, we have compiled a list of books, articles, videos, podcasts and learnings to educate yourself and others in honor of Juneteenth.

The Digital Maturity Healthcare Journey

Digital solutions will provide the efficiencies needed in a Fee for Value environment while elevating the journey of care to match the experiences patients expect.