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Blast Off to Planet SRAM

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Bottle Rocket is best known for designing and developing mission-critical mobile experiences for some of the world’s most discriminating brands. But for one very special cause, we went back to our roots in mobile gaming to launch a game that is something very special. Now available from Bottle Rocket and the Make-A-Wish Foundation: Planet SRAM, a single-player shooter that pits players against waves of out-of-this-world creatures like giant tree monsters that shoot snakes from their heads.

Those tree monsters and snakes? We didn’t come up with those. Planet SRAM comes from the mind of 11-year-old Hunter Allis, who met Bottle Rocket through Make-A-Wish. Reflecting on Planet SRAM’s development, Bottle Rocket Founder and CEO Calvin Carter said, “This journey allowed us to do even more of what we love and share our craft with someone that loves it just as much as we do. We are honored and humbled to have had this opportunity to serve a wonderful and deserving family, as well as a truly impactful organization.”

Download Planet SRAM now on iOS for an exciting and action-packed look into the super creative mind of a boy with passion and a whole lot of heart.


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