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Bottle Rocket Earns Spark AR Creator Certification for Meta

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DALLAS, Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Bottle Rocket announced that the company is one of a select few worldwide that has earned the formal Spark AR Creation Certification from Meta.

This certification further strengthens the company’s deep technological expertise and signifies their continued focus on finding new and unique ways to help brands unleash creative and connected experiences in the Metaverse. Bottle Rocket is an experience-focused consultancy that designs and builds mission critical mobile and web applications for the world’s most beloved brands.

Earning a Meta Certification at the company level means that Bottle Rocket is recognized as having proven digital expertise through verified certifications. The certification was earned by Bottle Rocket’s technology team after completing the formal training for advanced-level creators through Spark AR Studio and represents the company’s ability to deliver AR experiences for Facebook, Instagram and the Metaverse.

“This certification is an important tool in our arsenal and will help us create even more immersive and impactful experiences for our clients” says Rajesh Midha, Bottle Rocket’s CEO. “This certification proves that we are not only capable, but also recognized by Meta as a leader in our space, as well as a highly-skilled developer of AR solutions for our clients. This certification and skill set is a logical extension of our current capabilities and solutions that we create for our clients.”

David Harrison, Bottle Rocket’s VP of Technology adds, “When we talk about AR and the Metaverse I think a good term to use is ‘Real World Metaverse.’ Rather than moving people into a new non-real ‘verse,’ we are focused on bringing the data to them in the real world, focusing on the Reality part of Augmented Reality.” Harrison goes on to mention that this capability “has been in Bottle Rocket’s wheelhouse since we were founded. Delivering connected experiences to customers in a manner that isn’t intrusive, meets them where they want and allows them to get things done and get on with their day has always been one of Bottle Rocket’s greatest strengths.”

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