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Bottle Rocket is a Certified Segment Partner

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To support our clients’ growing Product Growth needs, Bottle Rocket has formed strong partnerships with industry-leading technology companies and has developed deep domain expertise in customer data infrastructure. This expertise will help the clients we support take control of their data to build trusted relationships with their customers while putting privacy first.

Today, we are excited to formally announce that we have achieved the Segment Certified partner accreditation to help clients with cleaning, collecting and controlling their customer data. All members of our Product Growth practice have completed the trainings and attained required certifications that allow us to serve as strategic and technical advisors for our clients.

“At Bottle Rocket, now more than ever, it is critical for us to support clients’ needs to have robust and clean customer data profiles to power the personalized experiences their customers have grown to expect,” says Tim Duncan, Bottle Rocket’s Product Growth Practice Lead. “For the past few months, we’ve seen an increasing number of brands who seek to provide a more personalized experience and increase their cost efficiencies at the same time. We are excited about our continued partnership with Segment as the product allows us to help our clients efficiently clean, collect and control their customer data.”

Segment is on a mission to help brands take control of their data to build trusted relationships with their customers while putting privacy first. This San Fran based technology company has been helping growth-oriented businesses and commercial companies find product-market fit and then grow as fast as possible using scalable and automated approaches. With equal focus, they also support the enterprise space to solve inconsistent, inaccessible data problems that prevent brands from adapting to the digital age of keeping and growing customers.

“Bottle Rocket Studios has long championed the best-in-breed Growth stack to help enterprise organizations move faster, deliver compelling and personalized digital experiences, and make data-informed decisions. Segment is thrilled to welcome them as certified Segment Select Partners to continue their mission of making digital product that propel brands forward” – Joey Malysz, Head of Channel Partnerships

At Bottle Rocket, we’re all about doing the right thing and doing it right when it comes to designing and delivering digital products and platforms. Our partnership with Segment means we can help clients improve and grow their products at the speed required to keep up in today’s competitive digital world. That’s the standard within the Bottle Rocket Product Growth practice for any partnership we progress through certification.

Robust customer data infrastructure is a key part of ensuring digital products grow over time and demonstrate the necessary return on investment. Customer Data Infrastructure empowers us to track data from across different customer touchpoints and connect the resulting customer profiles to over 300 downstream pre-built connectors. This not only makes it easier to manage the SDK overload, but it also ensures that the data located in different systems is the same thus allowing a consistent experience across all digital touchpoints.

If you have a project in mind, would like to learn more about our Product Growth Practice or our partner Segment, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch at [email protected].

About Bottle Rocket:

Bottle Rocket is a digital experience consultancy that provides strategy, product, design and technology services that drive business results and exceed customer expectations. Bottle Rocket is a strategic partner within the worldwide WPP integrated communications network. To learn more, visit us at or drop us a note at [email protected].


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