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From the Mouths of Interns

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The time has come to bid our most recent team of interns adieu. This year, our internships spanned disciplines from engineering to experience design (XD) to project management. Before they rode off into the sunset for even more educational adventures, we asked our interns a few questions about their time in Bottle Rocket’s hallowed halls. Here’s what they had to say.

What was your favorite project/event/etc. during your internship?

Ben Allgeier, iOS InternRocket Science ended up being my favorite.

Aabid Shivji, Project Management Intern – My favorite event had to be Rocket Science. It was so cool that the company let you loose to just work on something that you cared about and wanted to see come to fruition.

Parag Dakle, Android Intern – Being a part of updating a project for a big-name client.

Jake Rowland, Android Intern – Rocket Science. It was awesome to have dedicated time to work on something new and innovative. I love the idea of having one day a year where you can learn something new or start a project you’ve always wanted to work on.

Kristen Kirk, XD Intern – My favorite project I got the opportunity to work on was for a client who was looking for a new app that didn’t fit the “standard” look of most apps. It made me think in a very fun, abstract, and critical way.

Thomas Wheeler, iOS Intern – Rocket Science. Always.

What was your biggest takeaway from your internship? 

Ben Allgeier, iOS Intern – Make sure you know how to use GitHub and that you are on the right branch.

Aabid Shivji, Project Management Intern – I think my biggest takeaway from my time at Bottle Rocket is that checking yourself and your ability is really important. One of the coolest things about my experience here has been that I’ve been humbled every single day by being an industry outsider in this office.

Parag Dakle, Android Intern – Always keep learning. Become an Engineering Jedi! They are crazy and cool.

Jake Rowland, Android Intern – Libraries are your friend (unless you have to support depreciated libraries). Why try to rewrite code you have access to it for free? 

Kristen Kirk, XD Intern – My biggest takeaway would be learning how to manage my time on projects as well as managing time for myself to regroup and get new inspiration and ideas.

Thomas Wheeler, iOS Intern – Start with the user in mind and find the technology that fits. Not the other way around.

What advice would you give to next year’s interns?

Ben Allgeier, iOS Intern – Prepare and ask questions at training or any other time you have them. Somebody will be willing to help you.

Aabid Shivji, Project Management Intern – Come in with a growth mindset and a strong desire to learn. In many ways, the thing about this company I’ve loved the most has been that the environment and culture is designed to help you to succeed and get as much knowledge as you want out of it. Interns should come in and really try to take advantage of this, because I’ve learned that the people here are more than willing to talk to you and answer any questions you may have, so it’s only reasonable to ask as many questions as you can before your time at Bottle Rocket is over.

Parag Dakle, Android Intern – Convince the Recruiter, Julian, to make the internship last longer!

Jake Rowland, Android Intern – Know GitHub before you arrive. It really helped me have a head start in my internship already knowing some Git commands and how Git functioned.

Kristen Kirk, XD Intern – My advice for next year’s interns would be to network. Meet as many people as you can and build relationships with them because it will help you when you have no clue what to do. This way, you’ll know people you can bounce ideas off of as well as talk to later down the road as a reference.

Thomas Wheeler, iOS Intern – Work hard. Be nice. Learn every day.

Interested in a Bottle Rocket internship? Ask us what it takes at [email protected].


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