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Introducing Rocket Fuel Framework: Supercharge Your Automation

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the task of setting up an efficient automation framework for your QA tests? Have you struggled with maintaining tests across different platforms and applications, or found yourself spending excessive time on repetitive tasks like integrating with external services or setting up test data? What about struggling with your test suite getting so big that it became difficult to maintain with your current solution?

Introducing the Rocket Fuel Framework from Bottle Rocket – the ultimate solution to streamlining the creation and maintenance of automation tests. Bottle Rocket is a proven digital product agency, backed by over 16 years in the industry (and in the world of technology, that’s a long time). Our legacy of innovation is backed by years of knowledge, innovation, and expertise. This rich experience ensures that our solutions, like the Rocket Fuel Framework, are not only cutting-edge but also reliable and effective.

What is the Rocket Fuel Framework?

The Rocket Fuel Framework is a comprehensive, primarily Java-based automation framework designed to accelerate the creation of QA automation tests. There are many different functions in the framework including making API calls, connecting to databases, and reading in data from various sources. However, its primary use case is UI automation. The design shares many principles with the Page Object Model (POM), while going beyond by providing solutions to common challenges that POM doesn’t cover like reusability.

This framework isn’t just another wrapper for Selenium or Appium – it’s a versatile toolbox crafted to be easy to use, maintainable, and focused on facilitating code reuse across different platforms. With this framework, you can establish a repeatable, scalable, and maintainable process for creating automated tests, regardless of the platform or application under test.

Key Features

  • Versatility: offers a rich set of tools to tackle various test scenarios, from interacting with APIs and databases to handling edge cases like email verification.
  • Platform Agnostic: Easily create tests for one platform and reuse code to test similar features on others, without starting from scratch.
  • Integration Ready: Seamlessly integrate with other tools and services such as Sauce Labs for cloud testing or monitoring network traffic.
  • Extensibility: RFF is easily extensible, allowing you to add custom features or modules as needed for your projects.

Success Stories

The impact of the Rocket Fuel Framework speaks for itself:

  • Reduced Manual QA Effort: By leveraging this framework, teams have cut manual QA support needs in half, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Platform Independence: Engineers have successfully split platform loads and reused code across platforms, significantly reducing development and maintenance time.
  • Revenue Protection: This framework has helped uncover and correct critical revenue-impacting issues, preventing potential revenue loss.
  • Increased Test Coverage: By automating critical flows, teams have added significant testing coverage that would not have been feasible manually.
  • Streamlined Development: RFF saved weeks of development time by providing essential features like reporting, configuration, and a proven test creation process out of the box.
  • Ready to Scale: This framework has successfully powered numerous projects, each with hundreds of test cases. It routinely fuels multiple active projects simultaneously.

Get Started with the Rocket Fuel Framework

Ready to supercharge your automation efforts? Visit our GitHub repository to explore the Rocket Fuel Framework and start automating with confidence.

With the Rocket Fuel Framework, you can revolutionize your automation process and unlock new possibilities for your QA testing. Welcome to the future of automation!


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