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Bottle Rocket Recognizes Nine Key Leaders Who Are Making a Difference

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For over ten years, Bottle Rocket has been creating value for our clients by connecting millions of customers to their most trusted brands. Bottle Rocket is deeply committed to the art and science of leadership and passionate about using its award-winning focus on technology to inspire the next generation of leaders. Bottle Rocket’s thoughtful approach to advancing the skills and crafts of its people is making a difference in the lives of all Rocketeers. It is with great honor that in its tenth and best year ever, Bottle Rocket is recognizing nine key leaders who are making a difference and delivering preeminent experiences to support the Connected Lifestyle.

These individuals are a testament to Bottle Rocket’s commitment to technology and innovation, as well as the investment the company is making in its people and their passions:

  • Beth Buckley to Senior Director, People Services
  • Ben Carpenter to Manager, Web Development
  • Amy Czuchlewski to Senior Vice President, Technology
  • Adrian Haney to Vice President, Talent Development & Chief of Staff
  • Monte Masters to Executive Vice President, Solutions and Delivery
  • Joslin Sansom to Vice President, Client Success, Strategy & Transformation
  • Kirby Shaw to Director, Project Management
  • Stacey Valiga to Vice President, Controller
  • Sandeepa Vemireddy to Vice President, Quality Assurance

“No team can do ‘it’ all alone,” shared Bottle Rocket’s Founder and CEO, Calvin Carter. “It takes ‘teams of teams’ to imagine new pathways and create transformational connections. These promotions publicly recognize what all Rocketeers experience every day from these great leaders,” stated Carter. “I am personally inspired to see where this exceptional team of leaders takes us—as we keep reaching for more.”

In addition to the above, dozens of other promotions were awarded throughout the organization as Bottle Rocket prepares for great success in its second decade.

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