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How Skills and Passion Can Make Dreams Come True

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Bottle Rocket is best known for designing and developing mission-critical mobile experiences for some of the world’s most discriminating brands. But did you know we’ve also been known to create some pretty popular mobile video games as well? (Ever heard of Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage?) Most recently, our focus on innovation has allowed us to work with the likes of Coca-Cola, Starwood Hotels, and NPR (National Public Radio), but for one very special cause, we went back to our roots to launch a game that is very special. We’re proud to announce that Planet SRAM, a single-player shooting game unlike any other, is now available for download on the App Store for the world to experience. What makes this particular game so unique? Its creator.

A Match Made in Outer Space

Eleven-year-old Hunter Allis had a wish. He wanted to create his very own video game. Luckily for us, he had already been thinking about it and planning it for quite some time.

“When I first heard the news that I was going to get to make my very own game, I was so excited,” Hunter said. “And I was going to get to ride on a plane and go to Dallas to do it! I had been thinking about this for so long, I just couldn’t believe it was actually going to come true. And when I finally got to Bottle Rocket, it was even more awesome than I could have hoped for.”

Hunter and his family were invited to join the Bottle Rocket team in Dallas for an immersive week of whiteboard sketching, feature ideation, and game development that brought Hunter’s ideas to life on the digital screen.

The week began with a quick new employee orientation (we had to make it official!) and a one-week employment “contract” signing. Over the course of about five days (and maybe a few nights), Bottle Rocket’s team of expert engineers, strategists, and creatives sought to make Hunter’s wish a reality. There were brainstorms, lots of ideation, and even a few breaks for pizza. In the end, our collaborative team was able to make Hunter’s dream game. In true Bottle Rocket form, as a wrap to the week’s work, we held a company-wide launch party to show off Hunter’s realized vision. And now, the rest of the world can download the game and experience it all over again with us.

Welcome to Planet SRAM

On Planet SRAM (that’s Mars spelled backward, by the way), the name of the game is survival. The single-player game is full of out-of-this-world characters and monsters like giant tree creatures that shoot snakes from their heads. Every idea came straight from Hunter’s mind and his very detailed notebook full of concept art, game levels, and character mock ups.

Rocketeer Andy Dombroski, who helped make Planet SRAM a reality, said, “Planet SRAM is a game that really came from Hunter’s mind. We got a chance to meet with him initially and go through the different types of things he wanted in a game, the different kinds of things he liked, and, taking those into account with a short kind of game jam time window that we were going to develop it in, we came up with a feature list that we thought we could execute well that he’d enjoy.”

The game features touch-based controls to simultaneously navigate and shoot oncoming hordes of enemies. Planet SRAM offers an exciting and action-packed look into the super creative mind of a boy with passion and a whole lot of heart.

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