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We Asked 15 Rocketeers, “What Does Bottle Rocket Mean To You?”

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In celebration of our 15th anniversary, we asked 15 Rocketeers to tell us in a few short words what Bottle Rocket means to them.

At Bottle Rocket, our people are our greatest strength. We strive to make everyone feel challenged, excited and accepted every single day they show up to work. Without each and every single Rocketeer, Bottle Rocket would not be the incredible place it is today.

Cheers to an incredible 15 years and here’s to many more! 

“Working with great rocketeers and challenging work makes each day fun. BR thrives with a balance of passion and compassion. I benefit from so much flexibility in work that it motivates me to give my 110%.”

– Harish Patel, Android Manager

“Bottle Rocket is a life-changing experience that goes beyond work. It’s where I’ve found my tribe, improved myself, and where I get to approach each day with a servant’s heart and a can-do attitude.”

– Denni Alcivar, Business Development Coordinator

 “I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Rocketeers are “my people.” Every day, I am surrounded by such unique people that are passionate, driven, curious, and absolutely dedicated to their crafts. To me, Bottle Rocket is home.”

– Rajesh Midha, CEO

“Bottle Rocket has always felt to me like hanging out with your favorite people and getting stuff done. It’s never really felt like work. Yes, it can be frustrating and often challenging, but the sense of family and respect we have for each other has always been here. We are treated like adults. We build off each other’s strengths. We have the flexibility to structure how and where we work.”

– Beth Buckley, Sr. Director, People

Living and working in Dallas my whole life, I watched Bottle Rocket grow and evolve from afar since its inception. My entire career I’ve wanted to contribute to a company whose focus is delivering excellence and creative solutions in the digital space in a variety of marketplaces. Bottle Rocket provides me and my fellow Rocketeers the opportunity and encouragement to solve the most complex problems in a way that provides value to our clients and their users in an engaging and memorable way. Words cannot express my joy at finally being a part of our journey here at BR!

– Brev Tanner, Group Product Manager

Bottle Rocket means belonging to a community of intelligent, ambitious, and hard-working peers that are constantly striving to do better work and be better versions of themselves.

– Trent Gerdeman, Sr. Sales Operations Analyst

Bottle Rocket is Acceptance. Security. Community. Learning. So much professional and personal growth in my 8 years here! Bottle Rocket has contributed to a better ME!

– Shawnna Rodriguez, Quality Assurance Lead

Bottle Rocket means I get to get up excited to go work each day. It means I get to combine my passion with my career to make a huge impact. It means the world to me.

– Tim Duncan, Principal Product Manager, Growth 

Bottle Rocket is a welcoming and embracing environment, where people can be themselves, growth is encouraged, contributions strongly expected, ideas challenged and respected, yielding profitable business successes.

– Stephen Schmidt, Flutter Architect

Bottle Rocket provides an opportunity to pursue an amazing career, in a supportive environment, that does everything possible to help me succeed as a person and a Rocketeer.

– Kelsey Sparkman, iOS Software Engineer

 I love that everyone here is empowered to run their own teams, be experts, make mistakes, be themselves while growing, learning, and exploring various industries, and making incredible friendships. My favorite moments have been when we’ve been able to connect deeply with others in various events like Rocket Science and when we’ve been able to make things together on projects that can make a difference for others. The Bottle Rocket community, whether in the office or online, feels like home and I feel completely supported.

– Ellen Edgington, Project Management Lead

For me, Bottle Rocket is the epitome of work-life balance. We work hard when we are working, but are still encouraged to have a full life outside of work. Co-workers, managers, department leads, etc. all give each other the respect to manage our personal lives when needed since we still uphold our dedication to delivering great work. Rocketeers do whatever it takes to cover for someone while they are out for any reason and to me that is being not only a great teammate but a family. I have never worked somewhere with that much freedom and respect for employees.

– Karli Garcia, Experience Architect 

Working with a talented and passionate team who support each other, inside and outside of work, to bring out our best selves every day.

– Matheus Ferreira, Scrum Master

At Bottle Rocket, we share our passion in making the complex simple, making the simple delightful, and making experiences magical. Bottle Rocket is full of passionate people who thrive on collaboration, and together we chart the course in creating meaningful experiences for the world.

– Jennifer Huang, Manager, Visual Design

Bottle Rocket has given a right-brainer like me a place to share what I know and learn what I don’t. I have never been surrounded by so many talented, intelligent and just plain nice teammates in my whole career. Hard to believe I’ve been here for 10 of our 15 years. Hopefully I’m here for the next 15.

– Trent King, Lead Visual Designer


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