Streamlining the immigration process for foreign nationals

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Fragomen Worldwide

 The world’s leading immigration lawfirm needed a mobil-first digital solution on a fixed budget that was accessible and easy tof rtheir global clientele to use.


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With 550 lawyers spread across 45 offices in 28 countries, Fragomen is the largest immigration firm in the world, with over $1B in revenue annually. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of U.S. H1B Visa approvals dropped 43%, placing additional stress on Fragomen’s foreign national clients and Fragomen’s lawyers. 

The Challenge

High-performing companies such as Apple, IBM, E&Y and Intel recruit thousands of highly-skilled foreign nationals to joing their workforce each year. In 2017, the top 25 companies sponsoring the H1B foreign nationals offered a total of 153,982 job opportunities. For foreign nationals, the process of immigrating to the United States and other developed economies is stressful and complex. For companies hiring these workers, managing all of the paperwork required to extend an offer to a foreign national is a drain on administrative hiring process. 

Fragomen’s corporate clients have increasingly asked about the law firm’s ability to use digital solutions to provide support. Fragomen needed to create a digital solution to simplify the process for foreign nationals, keeping them informed on where they are in the process and what additional information is required and providing them with a portal to regularly connect with a lawyer.

Our Approach

Fragomen came to Bottle Rocket with a fixed budget and a clear idea of what they needed: an app. To begin, we immersed ourselves in the challenges that foreign nationals face while keeping in mind Fragomen’s business goals. Considering the fixed budget and actual need at hand, we realized that building a native iOS and Android applications could meet Fragomen’s needs, but at too great a cost. We explored a more cost-effective solution, a Progressive Web App (PWA), that could deliver a native app-like experience fdor all users but at a much lower price point. By getting creative and truly understanding the needs of our client, we were able to recommend and build a solution that included all features needed and reached the broadest audience possible. 

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