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Vivify Health

A new type of connected health provider had an ambitious goal – take a proven clinical solution tested with a 700 patient pilot and turn it into a product that is ready for the mass market of over 3M potential users. It’s been an uphill battle, but after nine years in business, Vivify Health is taking the industry by storm with its “care anywhere” approach and digitally-driven business model.



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Vivify Pathways is the world’s first remote care platform. Vivify’s device-agnostic remote care management platform allows patients to use connected devices to monitor their health and engage in two-way dialogue with their physicians, all digitally. Extending outside of the standard provider facilities, Vivify Pathways allows patients to input daily vitals, teleconference with doctors and access helpful videos, while healthcare practitioners gain the ability to easily segment and monitor high-risk patient populations to identify early stage indicators of morbidity and help prevent urgent hospital visits.

The Challenge

Vivify’s clients, hospital networks and pharmacies, immediately saw the benefits of Vivify’s robust, cloud-based, remote care platform. However, after conversations with clients, the Vivify team realized they needed to substantially alter the current application in order to service a much larger market. The team had tough choices to make – maintain an app for each client and determine a way to white label their solution for each client, or create an API to integrate into clients’ preexisting digital health systems.

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The Approach

Leveraging our unique approach to problem solving that is based on design thinking principles and processes, the team developed an innovative solution that was able to provide a multitude of brand experiences through a single mobile application experience. Each brand, or company, would link to the base Vivify app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once the patient logs in using brand-specific credentials, the app quickly evolves into an end-to-end, fully-branded experience for each independent enterprise and each user.

The application extends Vivify’s “care anywhere” value proposition and offers helpful tools such as   doorstep delivery of needed health aids, fully-managed logistics, instruction and educational videos, scheduled interactions with providers, customized pathways for specific users, Bluetooth biometrics, virtual visits and automated health alerts.

Partnering with a startup offers its fair share of challenges. There is often the need for quick pivots and changes. As a solution that is marketed to everyone from healthy (pending risk) to high risk patients, it was essential that the final product was easy to use for anyone from 18 to 78 with varying levels of or no technical experience. For instance, we discovered we had to change the application architecture to make it easier than ever to sign in for the first time. Through ongoing discovery and iteration, we landed on a solution that delivers exactly what Vivify’s partners expect of the Vivify platform while making it easier than ever for all patients to use the solution.

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