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Bottle Rocket Joins Google’s Prestigious Flutter Consultants Program

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Bottle Rocket, a leading mobile app development company, today announced its selection as a Partner in Google’s esteemed Flutter Consultants program. This partnership perfectly aligns with Bottle Rocket’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to its clients through cutting-edge digital solutions.

Flutter represents a revolutionary approach to application development; it is a versatile UI toolkit designed to empower developers to create visually stunning, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop platforms that allow developers to craft a single, clean codebase that seamlessly functions across multiple platforms.

Due to its extensive set of fully customizable widgets, Flutter expedites the creation of native interfaces with remarkable efficiency. This results in high-quality, high-performance applications tailored precisely to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Why Bottle Rocket and Flutter are a Perfect Match 
Although a historically native development shop, Bottle Rocket has over 20 dedicated developers who leverage Flutter to drive success for our customers. Inclusion in Google’s Flutter Consultants program compliments Bottle Rocket’s prowess in the industry and allows us to stay at the forefront of modern application development, enabling the delivery of digital products that are both strategically sound and aesthetically pleasing.

“Not only do we have expert Flutter developers, but our Flutter apps are developed in close collaboration with our platform experts across iOS, Android, and web,” says Jason Brewer, Senior Manager of Engineering at Bottle Rocket. He continues, “This allows us to leverage many decades of expertise in optimizing for details that users care about and ensures smooth integrations with third-party services.”

Flutter in Action at Bottle Rocket 
Bottle Rocket boasts an impressive track record of developing award-winning applications utilizing Flutter. Here are some notable achievements:

  • OOBE Apparel Design Group TeamStyle Connect Mobile App: an online platform created to serve their largest customer, Chick-fil-A.
  • FedEx| ShopRunner Mobile App: a free consumer membership service simplifying global retail shopping.
  • WebTPA myHealthHub Mobile App: supporting direct relationships between employers and health insurance providers.
  • Lowe’s Pro Supply Mobile App: simplifying the shopping experience for maintenance and renovation supplies for professionals in the housing industry.

This partnership with Flutter equips our expert technology team with advanced tools and resources that allow us to continuously deliver top-tier digital products that meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. 

“Flutter allows us to do what we do best – deliver impactful, cutting-edge solutions to our clients,” states Andrew Sevin, Bottle Rocket’s President. “The possibilities presented by this partnership are boundless, and Bottle Rocket remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering value through thoughtful and visually stunning solutions.”

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