Ux research services for healthcare

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A user-centered perspective in days, not weeks.

UX research can help improve digital healthcare interactions for all patients with tailored programs for meaningful experiences.

We leverage three methods of research

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For deep dives when context matters. Great for ideating solutions.

Usability Testing

For specific testing of prototypes. Great for refining specifics.


For gathering measurable information across a broad audience.  Great for identifying issues.

Create better patient experiences
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Unmoderated research delivers fast & actionable insights on how users comprehend and navigate different design iterations.

Have a product that needs testing?

Leading Healthcare Companies Trust Bottle Rocket

Patient research can help address key challenges

How can a medication website help patients throughout their treatment?

What digital tools do healthcare staff find most useful from healthcare companies?

What do patients like or dislike about healthcare websites?

Is our app or website accessible and useful for all, including minority groups?

Where are patients and caregivers lacking information about treatment options?

Our Experts

Matthew Patrick Tobias
Matthew Patrick Tobias
Healthcare Program Manager
Before serving as the Healthcare Program Manager at Bottle Rocket Matt held many Fill-in-the-blank Specialist titles at places like SCL Health, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Catholic Health Initiatives, and Epic Systems Corporation.  Despite being labeled a Specialist he has worked in and around Software, Experience, Population Health, Analytics, Regulatory Programs, Project Management, Workflow Design, Interoperability, and anything else healthcare could throw his way.  He hopes to one day include Ironicist in his title.
Joel Vaughn
Joel Vaughan
Director of User Experience Design, Research
Joel Vaughan is a UX practitioner with a strong research focus, delivering valuable insights to create desirable digital products. He excels in tackling complex challenges and aligning design strategies with business goals, leveraging both quantitative and qualitative data. Joel currently leads the Research Practice at Bottle Rocket where he has worked on clients including Jimmy Johns, Lowes Pro Supply, and Potbelly to name a few. Prior to this, he served as a Senior UX Designer at Best Buy. Joel holds an Associate of Science in Graphic Design from The Art Institutes.
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