Product Roadmap Lacking Clarity?

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Our Product Alignment Workshops can fast-track alignment, prioritize initiatives, drive efficiency, and foster team collaboration.

Chart a path from vision to execution

Together, we will create the initial drafts of three key digital product artifacts through our proven series of data-driven activities. Bottle Rocket will then refine the results and provide your team with visual, shareable documents that guide future planning and processes.

Strategy Framework

A comprehensive, but digestible view of inputs from all four workshops - vision & principles, OKRs, initiatives and features. Great for leadership presentations and grounding cross-functional teams in the “why” behind the work they do. Includes Product Vision creation exercise and Product Principles documentation.

Initiative Canvases

5-8 initiative canvases that include problem statements, hypothesis and feature ideas. Great for UX teams and “initiative” tickets in Jira. This enables development teams the ability to see how the story they are working on ladders up to a higher level goal.


A roadmap view of the initiatives and features extracted during the workshops. Great for leadership presentations and grounding cross-functional teams in where the product is going.

Final Readout

All final assets created during workshop series and an executive read out presentation for internal sharing. Great for leadership presentations and communicating out the synthesis of the team’s time investment.

Unlock the Secrets to Sustained Product Excellence

Struggling to keep your product relevant in an ever-changing market? “4 Strategies for Sustained Product Excellence,” is your guide to navigating complex post-launch challenges and continuously innovating for long-term success. Authored by Bottle Rocket’s product management experts, this comprehensive guide dives into four key areas of concern:

 - Understanding Product Performance

 - Adapting to Market and User Changes

 - Maintaining Internal Alignments

 - Building a Strong Product Practice

Can you clearly communicate your product’s vision and strategy across your organization?

Created and led by Bottle Rocket digital product experts, we will guide your teams through a series of 4 highly productive workshops leveraging proven methodologies and frameworks to develop a unified strategy, align teams, establish a shared vision, and guide future investments.

Workshop 1

Vision & Principles

Vision & Principles

Through a series of frameworks and collaborative exercises, we’ll draft a product vision statement and 3-4 core product principles that define focus and product differentiation.

Workshop 2

OKR's & Initiatives

OKR's & Initiatives

Using an objectives & key results goal-setting methodology, we’ll document the objectives that ladder up to the vision. Within each objective, we’ll identify the initiatives needed to help us get there and do an impact/priority matrix to align on the top 5-8 initiatives.

Workshop 3

Initiative Canvases

Initiative Canvases

Using a “lean canvas” template, we’ll unpack each initiative, define the problem statements, establish hypothesis and generate feature ideas.

Workshop 4

Feature Priority

Feature Priority

Through various prioritization methodologies, we’ll prioritize features for use in creating a roadmap view. A variety of template options are available based on the needs of the business and team.

Accomplish 6+ months of work in just a few weeks

Creates time and space for collaboration across teams to align on common vision and product strategy.

Applies top-down planning approach to identify strategic initiatives and features oriented towards product objectives and key results.

Delivers helpful artifacts to communicate product vision and roadmap across the broader organization.

Helps to build strategic rigor for new product teams to practice.

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A top Fortune 50 company partnered with Bottle Rocket to complete our Product Alignment Workshop Series and achieved the following:

is this workshop series right for you?

Is your existing digital product in market missing on some key goals?

Does your digital product need a strategic refresh or reframe?

Are you seeking to gain alignment and direction for your internal teams?

Do you have a newly created or small in house product team that could benefit from education, training, and a toolset for success?

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