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Bottle Rocket Joins The Dallas Regional Chamber in Committing to Leading Change in Dallas

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The senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Botham Jean, Jordan Edwards, Atatiana Jeerson, and many others have sparked justifiable anger, anguish, and protests calling for law enforcement reform and the end to these injustices. As business leaders in the Dallas Region, we strive to make our community the best place in America for all people to live, work, and do business. We acknowledge that too many Black residents in our community do not enjoy a quality of life they deserve. The Dallas business community is committed to work every day in every way to build a more inclusive community. We see systemic racism in its many forms and commit to address it head-on, today, and from this point forward. As such, as business and community leaders:

  • We strongly reject racism in all forms;
  • We are committed to equal opportunity for all;
  • We believe everyone is accountable, including law enforcement;
  • We strongly reject any behavior that distracts from the critical messages that need to be heard;
  • We commit to listen, to learn, and to help lead change in Dallas.


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