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Bottle Rocket launches new podcast in support of company-wide diversity, equity & inclusion efforts

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The “After the Glass Breaks” podcast, hosted by David Harrison, shares the stories of culturally diverse leaders and the ups and downs of their rise up the corporate ladder

DALLAS, Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bottle Rocket, a leader in digital consulting and experience design and development, announced today, the launch of a new podcast focused on the challenges, struggles, and successes associated with climbing the corporate ladder in America. In a limited edition 10-episode series, the “After the Glass Breaks” podcast, hosted by David Harrison, Bottle Rocket’s own VP of Technology, will chronicle the various paths- leaders have taken to get to where they are today, and reveal suggestions for overcoming barriers and breaking through the proverbial glass ceiling.

“This podcast is truly a passion project that I’ve wanted to bring to life for some time. I am passionate about helping others and giving a voice to those with interesting stories to tell,” states David Harrison, Bottle Rocket’s VP of Technology and the podcast host. “I have been personally and professionally influenced by many people I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with and am excited to share my stories and those of some truly amazing colleagues, acquaintances, and friends.”

This podcast shares the stories of culturally diverse leaders & the ups and downs of their rise up the corporate ladder.

The phrase “glass ceiling” certainly isn’t a new one. Nor are any of the discriminatory barriers to advancement that unfortunately exist in our workplace today. Every day, people from all walks of life are overcoming the odds and breaking through the ceiling.

“Each person’s journey to success is unique, as are the challenges and obstacles that they face on the way,” says Rajesh Midha, Bottle Rocket’s CEO. “The launch of this podcast and the sharing of these important stories is positive step forward on our journey to making the world a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable place to live and work.”

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