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Press Release: Experience Insights Report

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DALLAS, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bottle Rocket, an experience consultancy that provides digital product strategy, design, and technology solutions for some of the world’s largest brands, announced today the launch of a new insights report. The report explores the changing face of Experience, the business impact of investing in Experience, and what the future of Experience holds for brands.

The report features insights from Bottle Rocket customers across industries including healthcare, automotive, contractor/supplier management, grocery, and a Fortune 500 Professional Services Firm.

Following the last few years of rapid digitization during COVID-19, digital Experience has now become make-or-break for organizations. In 2021, e-commerce continued to expand — compared with 2019, online sales increased 50.5%. To be competitive today, brands must create a consistent Experience across every channel.

As customer expectations continue to change at a rapid pace, the need to focus on Experience – physical, digital and everything in between – is the key to a company’s success. Although Experience may look very different for each of the leaders interviewed, one thing remained constant –to create a truly impactful and engaging Experience, brands must focus on the entire customer journey and ecosystem.

“At Bottle Rocket, we are fortunate to partner with industry-leading companies that prioritize Experience,” says Jana Boone, SVP of Marketing at Bottle Rocket. “We work together to create Experiences that are mission critical to growth, no matter the type of organization,” she adds. “Whether the focus is on digitizing the interactions between patients/caregivers and hospital systems or about being able to purchase a car in whatever way you prefer, or even ensuring that field workers work safely and efficiently while in the field, Bottle Rocket is at the forefront of creating Experiences that make our lives easier and better.”

Contributors like Sharmila Iqbal, Director of Product Management at Albertsons Companies, predict how innovation will shape future experiences, suggesting that the cost of building technology will continue to decrease, leading to more investment in Experience. Steve Wittman, Chief Digital Officer at EchoPark, a Sonic Automotive Company, commented on the emotional elements of an Experience and the importance of remembering that Experience is about everything a customer touches, sees, smells, and feels as they go through the process of buying a car.

The insights report also gives practical advice for keeping pace with digital innovation and designing experiences that put customer needs at the center of strategy. Insights range from Experience design to technology to product strategy, business strategy, marketing and beyond.

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