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Bottle Rocket’s Growth Team specializes in data-driven analytics to identify gaps and provide actionable insights. Accelerate user adoption, revenue growth, and long-term success for your product. Allowing you to turn more visitors into loyal customers.

Tim Duncan, Principal Product Growth Lead, offers a free assessment to see how your business stacks against the numbers. 

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Bottle Rocket's Growth Practice

Bottle Rocket joins the Amplitude partner ecosystem as a solution certified partner

understanding progressive martech and how to use it to drive insane growth

2023 is the year of optimization and efficiency

In the year 2023, the business landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. Companies are no longer solely focused on growth at all costs, but instead prioritizing long-term sustainable growth and profitability.

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Unlocking Growth: Revolutuionizing experience optimization and efficiency in 2023
Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan

Principal Growth Product Manager

Tim is a tech and growth expert who specializes in creating and managing programs that leverage data analysis, product ideation, and hypothesis testing to optimize customer experiences and drive revenue growth. With a strong background in strategy, design, and launch of web and mobile applications, Tim excels at solving complex problems and assisting executive stakeholders in generating value at the convergence of product and marketing teams for business growth.

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Experience experts weigh in on their top strategies for our most successful clients.