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It’s a proven fact that companies that focus on experience as a core tenet of their corporate strategy are more successful. In today’s customer-centric world, it’s imperative that organizations pay special attention to every customer or potential customer touchpoint in their journey and lean into the power of experience in both digital and physical interactions with their customers. Experience-driven organizations retain better, acquire more, engage deeper, and grow faster than their competitors. Are you fully leveraging the power of experience for your business?

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8-Week Digital Strategy Engagement

With today’s increasingly pace of digital change, businesses constantly need to evolve in order to stay relevant and competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape. While there are many ways to stay current with the constant digital acceleration, one of the most effective ways to do this is to adopt and implement a digital strategy that effectively aligns with your business‘ goals and better connects you to your customers. Unfortunately, creating a strategy that does both of these things can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. This is especially true if your business does not have enough resources or expertise to create a digital strategy that meets these criteria effectively. 

Luckily, you can experience incredible business growth without devoting all of your time to creating a digital strategy if you use Bottle Rocket’s 8-Week Digital Strategy Engagement process. As a consultancy, agency, and dev shop that designsbuilds, and grows digital experiences to grow your business, Bottle Rocket can provide you with the help you need to create the perfect digital strategy effectively.

This engagement was specifically developed because brands are hungry for an actionable strategy that gives the entire leadership team confidence that they are funding and building the right experience that will advance their business. Even more specifically, companies are seeking:

  • A plan that defines the path forward
  • KPIs that map to business objectives
  • A well-defined roadmap and MVP
  • Technically feasible vision for the future

By having access to this information, there is less risk before, during, and after development, each release has a clear set of outcomes tied to it, and you are able to unlock velocity throughout your product lifecycle.

The 8-Week Digital Strategy Engagement process is a comprehensive and structured approach that helps your business to gain clarity for digital transformation that will help foster customer support and growth for your business. So, how exactly does this 8-Week Digital Strategy Engagement process work? The process has three phases: the Discover & Define phase (weeks 1-3), the Create & Validate phase (weeks 4-6), and the Bringing It All Together phase (weeks 7-8). Here, we will explore each of these phases in more detail.

The first phase, Discover & Define, will set the stage for where your business Is currently at and where you are trying to go from a brand, business, customer, user, and technology perspective. Through a defined set of activities and creation of specific artifacts, during this phase, you will gain insights into, and internal team alignment on, some of these key questions:

  • What, currently, is the product vision?
  • What key challenges must be overcome to realize the vision?
  • What are the key business and growth objectives?
  • What metrics do you need to drive?
  • Who are your customers/users specifically? What’s important to them now?
  • How do customers actually behave in real life?
  • What does the current state customer journey actually look like?
  • What does the current state holistic tech stack look like? What challenges/opportunities does it present to your ideal digital experience?
  • What does your competitive landscape look like? Are you adapting to get ahead or stay ahead?
  • What are your ‘must have’ features? Why?

The second phase is the Create & Validate phase. This phase goes deep to determine how to bring ultimate delight to the user in your digital experience. This phase will determine the necessary feature set, architectural requirements, and ideas about how your experience will visually come to life. Through a defined set of activities and creation of specific artifacts, during this phase, you will gain insights into some of these key questions:

  • • How do you smooth out pain points in today’s journey?
  • • What are the key barriers to entry and engagement?
  • • What does the ideal customer journey look like?
  • • What is technologically required to deliver the ideal experience?
  • • What access to data to we have / need to have?
  • • What does the near, mid, and long-term roadmap look like?
  • • What are the MVP features?
  • • What are the tech and non-tech requirements for MVP?
  • • How will you measure the defined KPIs?
  • • What are our key unknowns?

The third and final stage is called the Bringing It All Together phase and it is exactly what it sounds like. During this phase, the goal is to synthesize all of the information gathered and insights gained in the past six weeks. All of the information is tied together into a holistic strategy and an actionable plan that details the level of effort to bring this new experience to market. Through a defined set of activities and creation of specific artifacts, during this phase, you will gain insights into some of these key questions:

  • How do we tie all of the recommendations and insights together? Are we being bold enough?
  • Is there confidence that the strategy will deliver value to users and to the business?
  • What’s the best way to present this information and gain buy-in with an executive audience?
  • How do we articulate that this experience strategy is technically feasible?
  • What are the key unknowns? What still needs to be validated?

This process can help your business effectively define a suitable digital strategy, discover valuable opportunities for digital product growth, and identify a roadmap for implementing this strategy in your business. Bottle Rocket believes that a collaborative approach is much more effective in helping businesses to maintain their online presence and better understand their customers effectively. Because of this, the 8-Week Digital Strategy Engagement process incorporates your expertise in your target audience, objectives, and competitive landscape. This allows our experts at Bottle Rocket to develop the perfect customized digital strategy for your business that can help you transform customer experiences and ensure you are aligned with your goals and objectives.

Recommendations For Actions To Improve Digital Strategy

One of the largest benefits of opting for a digital strategy engagement like the 8-week process that Bottle Rocket offers is that it is customized exactly to your business’s needs and goals. This means that your strategy will likely look quite different from another business’s strategy, even if you are in the same industry. Your strategy will be specifically tailored to help your business advance digital maturity and more effectively reach your digital goals and objectives. Because of this, your strategy may include a number of different concepts, areas of focus, and roadmaps for improvement.

It is important to realize that because each business has different priorities, goals, and business objectives, one digital strategy may vary dramatically from another. While this means that you may not be getting the same advice as another business, it also means that you are getting recommendations and focused help on the areas most important for your particular objectives. Maybe you are focused on online growth and increasing your digital presence. Maybe you want to improve your website’s digital maturity or drive ROI for your business‘ digital marketing efforts. Either way, this engagement will return an actionable strategy that gives you and your leadership team confidence that you are funding and building the right experience that will advance your business.

Some examples of specific digital strategy recommendations are shown in the following case study. Bottle Rocket helped Fiesta Restaurant Group not only increase customer engagement and loyalty but also transform its digital strategy to compete with other quick service restaurants (QSRs) like Chick-fil-A and Chipotle. By focusing on customer engagement and creating engaging and personalized experiences for customers, Bottle Rocket was able to help the Fiesta Restaurant Group better reach (and retain) its customers. Bottle Rocket focused on first extensively mapping the customer journey, researching the market and valuable on-site information, and conducting a detailed technology audit to determine where Fiesta Restaurant Group could improve the most.

This helped Bottle Rocket to develop a strategy that offers not only short-term wins but also a profound digital transformation discovery that would help Fiesta Restaurant Group to ensure better engagement with their customers in the long term. This approach helped the Fiesta Restaurant Group to effectively deliver on customer expectations while also cutting down on the complexity of maintaining and implementing the new system.

This example is, of course, only one instance of many in which creating and implementing a new digital strategy was effective. Perhaps, however, your business is more concerned with growth rather than increasing customer loyalty. In this case, your customized digital strategy may focus more on using your customer data to reach new audiences. Many businesses have all the data they need to make informed decisions about how to grow their brand, but without the right avenues to use and sort through this data, it can be difficult to know what to do with it. Bottle Rocket’s growth strategy helps you more effectively leverage your data so you can reap the most benefit from your efforts. This allows you to improve performance and drive scalable growth for your business.

Strategy Engagement Deliverables

As mentioned above, your particular digital strategy may differ dramatically from another business’s strategy based on your particular goals and digital strategy objectives. However, there are a few similarities between most new digital strategies that you can expect to receive in your personalized strategy. These similarities range over a number of areas, but the easiest place to note them is within the strategy engagement deliverables.

What are deliverables? Put simply, deliverables are what you receive while implementing a new process, project, or product. These are typically noted as milestones of implementation, and they can include crucial documentation as well as other products or services. Some common deliverables for Bottle Rocket’s digital strategy engagement are a competitive analysis, customer research, customer persona and journey maps, defined KPIs, experience and design validation, a feature roadmap, a strategic roadmap, a tech assessment and recommendation, and of course, a final strategic plan presentation.

There are, of course, many other examples of digital strategy engagement deliverables that you may receive if you work to improve your digital strategy. Depending on the process you are using to achieve this improvement, you may even receive critical services, such as a technology or technical architecture audit or MVP recommendation. The exact deliverables you will receive during your digital strategy implementation process will depend on what type of improvements you are making. For example, if you are focusing your improvement efforts on customer conversion, engagement, or retention, you may end up getting deliverables such as the following:

  • Customer journey assessments and maps
  • Customer segmentation and customer personas
  • Digital product design recommendations
  • Customer experience audits and assessments
  • Customer service blueprints
  • Customer trends and insights
  • Usability testing and user research 
  • Design standards and guidelines
  • User experience strategy

On the other hand, if you are more focused on business growth, such as customer engagement and retention, you may experience deliverables that are more along the lines of the following:

  • Customer and competition research
  • Detailed customer preference assessments
  • Strong data organization and leveraging infrastructure
  • Strategic customer experience assessment results
  • Experimental programs to improve customer satisfaction
  • Actionable recommendations for improving conversion rates
  • Mobile and digital messaging strategies
  • Single comprehensive customer view

As you can see, there are both similarities and differences within the specific deliverables that you can expect to receive when implementing a new digital strategy for your organization. The best way to ensure you get the best type of assistance for your particular objectives is to work with an experienced consultancy like Bottle Rocket. Bottle Rocket’s 8-Week Digital Strategy Engagement process can help you dramatically improve your digital strategy without getting overwhelmed with all the information that may not be relevant to your specific goals.

The 8-Week Digital Strategy Engagement process also helps to provide your business with a clear digital product roadmap for implementation and maintenance. This means that you will know what steps to take to achieve your digital objectives and measure your success against the determined KPIs. Bottle Rocket’s collaborative approach also ensures that you are able to play an informed part of the entire design, development, and implementation process.

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