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Virtual Reality is here. How should your brand activate today?

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VR Experts discuss the technology on the Bottle Rocket hosted panel

According to Forrester, the demand for VR technology and experiences is expected to increase nearly sixteen times by the year 2020. The technology is ready to activate — from tetherless solutions like VR videos to fully immersive experiences that create a virtual world to explore.

We got together with some of the greatest minds in Virtual Reality to discuss current opportunities for brands and to answer key questions including:

  • How are brands primed for this technology right now?
  • What are the key successes of the platform to date, and how might brands start to capitalize on this success?
  • How has 360 video impacted the industry and what are some best practices for building great VR content?

Find out how brands can leverage virtual reality to provide great experiences that lead to brand equity.

Panel participants include:

Calvin Carter : Moderator, Founder & CEO, Bottle Rocket

Paul Bettner : Founder & CEO, Playful

Matt Johnson : EVP Innovation, East Edge

Lance Loesberg : CEO, Big Look 360

Andy Mathis : Business Development & Partnerships, Oculus


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