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Google VR: What Does Daydream Mean for Brands?

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Google recently announced Daydream, a virtual reality platform, and headset. Google focused heavily on the style, and ergonomic design of the headset using athletic grade fabric on the head-mounted display with multiple color options. It is said to be 30% lighter than other mobile VR compatible devices. The price of the headset is set at $79, making it one of the more affordable yet more functional VR headsets on the market.

How does Daydream compare to Gear VR?

Unlike Samsung’s Gear VR, the Daydream VR platform is not only compatible with Google’s new Pixel phones, but will also be available on other devices that are Daydream-ready.

What’s really exciting is the addition of a handheld, position-tracked controller to allow developers to create more engaging interactions with VR. The controller will benefit the user as they will no longer need to interact solely with the headset to engage with an application.

Several games and media experiences are set to launch with the device including an exclusive Harry Potter title, media applications such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, and other Google favorites such as Google Street View and Google Sky Map.

What does this mean for brands?

Depending on the 3rd party adoption by handset manufacturers, this could quickly become the standard for mid to high-end mobile VR. While Samsung has quite a head start in high-end mobile VR, Google seems to be claiming the space that has existed between Cardboard and the Gear VR. With Daydream VR having a broader ecosystem of compatible devices, brands will be able to target more people through app stores once consumers adopt the new devices.

With assumed tight integration with YouTube, the Daydream VR program should be a premier device for 360 videos & VR experiences. Also, the positional-tracked remote could be a bonus for developers looking to create more immersive and interactive experiences beyond the ‘sit back and watch’ style of Cardboard experiences that are common today. Being able to point and make simple gestures opens up a new realm of interactivity with content which can lead to more engaged consumers.

We’ve been in the VR game since the beginning, working with major brands including Jim Beam. To hear more about how VR can enhance your brand, contact us.


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