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Bottle Rocket launches a digital accelerator for restaurants

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Ignite streamlines the development processes and cost by up to 40%.

Bottle Rocket Studios, a leading digital experience company, has today announced the launch of Ignite, a digital acceleration platform that provides small-to-mid sized restaurant brands with a launchpad to create fully customizable native mobile experiences for iOS, Android, and Web. Ignite, a proprietary framework that blends code libraries and pre-built integrations, offers growing restaurant brands an attainable opportunity to create custom, differentiated mobile and web experiences for their customers.

As restaurant brands of all sizes continue to invest in digital capabilities to keep customers engaged, many smaller national brands and regional brands still struggle to bring customer-centric digital solutions to market fast enough and at a manageable cost point for their business. Ignite provides restaurants the opportunity to deepen their digital maturity and leverage the power of digital to better serve and connect with their customers, all in less time than a fully custom native application, but with equal flexibility for brand differentiation. Businesses built on the Ignite platform can now accelerate their digital transformation and streamline their app development processes by up to 40%. 

According to Rajesh Midha, CEO of Bottle Rocket, “Ignite represents the next evolution in digital acceleration platforms for restaurants. We built Ignite to help brands unlock their full potential by providing a flexible, easy-to-use platform that streamlines the app development process and helps create experiences customers crave while enhancing loyalty and retention.”

“With a focus on speed, flexibility, and customer-centricity, Ignite is the ultimate toolkit for restaurant brands looking to create experiences that truly resonate with their customers,” says Midha. “Ignite unlocks your product roadmap, realizes valuable KPIs, and allows you to innovate on top of a scalable base.”

Will McGinty, a lead engineer at Bottle Rocket and lead developer for Ignite states, “The Ignite platform provides everything that growing restaurants need – from customization and partner integration flexibility to flagship operating system features, all while maintaining a favorable price point, and an optimized user experience. Plus, brands can benefit from the reliability provided by a shared underlying code, roadmap acceleration, and scaled growth acceleration, ensuring that they achieve business goals quickly and efficiently.”

Ignite was created by the industry-leading experts at Bottle Rocket who have been creating memorable, impactful, and mission-critical customer experiences for over 15 years. To learn more about Ignite, please visit: and to learn more about Bottle Rocket’s full suite of experience services and its extensive restaurant industry experience, visit

About Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket is a digital experience consultancy that provides strategy, product, design, and technology services that drive business results and exceed customer expectations. We’ve been designing and building mission-critical apps and websites for businesses since 2008. Many of the world’s leading brands turn to Bottle Rocket to develop personal, contextual, and frictionless experiences that have changed the way businesses serve customers and employees. Bottle Rocket is part of the Ogilvy Experience worldwide network. To learn more, visit us at or drop us a note at [email protected].

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