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What’s Next in In-app Purchases | A Mini-Hackathon Recap

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At Bottle Rocket, we like to host mini-hackathon events through the year. Similar to our annual Rocket Science event, these hackathons are nights where our engineers concentrate on one theme or aspect of technology development – beacons, healthcare, etc. – and create an application or idea within a few short hours. These short bursts of iteration, testing, and collaboration help our team conceptualize the next big solution for future-focused brands.

For our latest hack night, Bottle Rocket explored in-app purchases, where our developers prototyped in-app purchase mobile experiences for everyday and business situations. For example, Rocketeer Drew Wyatt experimented with Apple Pay for Web for a current client of ours. Another project consisted of curating a playlist for events based on a bidding system, where all the money would theoretically go to charity. A few Rocketeers even created in-app purchasing for their ongoing Poker app project.

In-app purchases provide a way for brands to monetize additional content, subscriptions, or services within their mobile offering. In the coming year, analysts predict in-app purchase revenue to be the number one source of mobile app income, accounting for 48.2% of earnings (compare that to 14% for ad earnings). Hackathons allow our industry experts to stay on top of the latest wave of technology advancements and puts Bottle Rocket in the best position to advise, strategize, and build state-of-the-art digital experiences.

Our passion for learning and development drives Bottle Rocket’s culture and work. Make sure to contact us to learn more about how Bottle Rocket’s services and offerings today.


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